NTFS versus FAT32

  avesnes1 16:30 07 Aug 2007

While using Acronis True Image(which shows these details) to backup my "C" drive, I noticed that:-

drives "C", "D" and "Z" are NTFS
whereas "E" is FAT32.

"C" is the first internal drive, "D" is the second internal drive and "Z" is the external drive. "E" is the Recovery section and I think that it is also physically located on the first internal drive.

As part of my ever steepening learning curve, could anyone explain the technical reasoning behind using FAT32 for the Recovery section and not NTFS?

Thanks in advance.

  €dstowe 16:40 07 Aug 2007

Ignoring the FAT32 vs NTFS question, more important is the fact that you have your backup partition on the same physical drive as your "C" partition or drive. This is not a wise thing to do. If the drive mechanically fails (which they do - all too often) then you will have lost your operating system and its backup.

Far better to move the backup partition elsewhere. Why not on the external drive and also use Acronis Secure Zone so that you cannot accidentally delete or otherwise alter the backup unintentionally.

Regarding the FAT32/NTFS question, I think Acronis was developed in teh days of FAT32 and they don't see any reason to change the way their good software operates - potentially introducing problems if they did.

  bremner 18:26 07 Aug 2007

This is not a function of Acronis but of the computer manufacturer and of recovery.

The reason the recovery is FAT is two fold.

1. It is a small volume and FAT takes up less space.

But mainly

2. As this contains the recovery data FAT can be read and written to by DOS, FAT and NTFS.

NTFS cannot be read and written to by FAT or DOS. So this could affect the chances of recovery.

  avesnes1 22:30 07 Aug 2007

€dstowe and bremner,

Many thanks for your replies.

Just to clarify.....The Recovery section/partition was installed by Hewlett Packard or PC World and I am assuming that it physically located on the first internal drive with the "C" partition. I have several Acronis images (taken monthly)on the external drive ("Z") plus one set of DVD recovery disks that I was permitted to take which I did immediately after unpacking the machine.

With this in mind, is it still worth moving the Recovery partition ("D") to the second internal drive and/or the external drive? If so, is it just a matter of copying across?

Thanks again.

  €dstowe 22:47 07 Aug 2007

If you are backing up to your external drive, you can forget about the other(s) and use that space for something else.

Be careful not to confuse the Recovery partition with a backup and if you have made recovery disks, again the space on the main drives can be recovered for use.

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