hondabiker 14:10 15 Mar 2003

Does anyone know how to format a NTFS hard drive to FAT32
Thanks in anticipation

  powerless 14:17 15 Mar 2003

You cannot do this other than reinstalling the operating system and choose FAT32 as the file system. Then it will format the drive as FAT32.

  A15 15:05 15 Mar 2003

I found the best way was to go into fdisk, remove all partitions including primary then create a new primary partition & then whatever program you are using to format will recognise the hard disk & format for you.
However as powerless correctly points out you WILL lose everything on your hard disk.

  Djohn 15:26 15 Mar 2003

I may have misunderstood the thread I read on this, but I feel sure I read somewhere, that once a drive has been formated to NTFS with winXP then the disk itself, (Win XP,that is), will not recognise fat 32!

It said something along the lines of. The xp CD will not allow you to choose fat32 once NTFS had been taken as an option, even though you may format your hard drive, on inserting the xp CD it will only give NTFS as an option! J.

  powerless 15:37 15 Mar 2003

Yes i have had that myself. But you can format the drive as FAT32 by using FDISK to create a partition then XP will give the option to format as FAT32. That is the way i did it if remember correctly.

  Djohn 15:52 15 Mar 2003

Many thanks, I thought I had seen this somewhere. Must say though it does seem strange that the CD doesn't want to give you a choice of file system,

The hard drive yes, but the CD! I suppose it must remove a file from the CD on fist changing, but how?

  Brian-336451 16:03 15 Mar 2003

I'm sure I used Partition Magic to convert my XP drives back to Fat32 from ntfs. The reason I did is so my Win98 Boot disk will work.

The advantages of NTFS (for me) seem a little nefarious and its no loss.

The ability to boot from a floppy and get cd support (or not) is a bonus.

  Brian-336451 16:07 15 Mar 2003

Restrictions on Converting NTFS Partitions to FAT or FAT32

NTFS is a more advanced file system than FAT and FAT32. Therefore, depending on the
NTFS features used on the partition, the type of data, and partition size, you may or may
not be allowed to complete the conversion.

  cream. 16:38 15 Mar 2003

If you install x\p on a virgin disk, of over 32gig capacity, then windows will only give you the option to use the NTFS file system. There is an exception to this rule, in inasmuch, if you boot up with a win98se disk then format through this. This will then give you the option of using both NTFS file system or the FAT32 file system.

I do not know about the capabilities of partition magic, in respect of coverting ntfs to fat32, as I all ways muck up the disk when I use it.lol

To convert a ntfs disk back to fat32. I would use fdisk. Starting with option3- sub option4. Remove a non dos partition.Then continue as normal.

I would then format it from a windows 98 disk and the reinstall.

As stated above this will wipe everything off.

  hondabiker 18:00 15 Mar 2003

Thanks for all the responses guys. I will give it a go and let you know how I get on

  Rayuk 18:48 15 Mar 2003

Also if memory serves me correct you have to use the delete non dos partitions option in fdisk

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