ntfs / fat32

hello, my main disk drive is partitioned c&d, partition 'd' which is the operating system and recovery details is set to fat32, where as my main drive and slave drive are ntfs, the partition never changes and cant add or remove files to it manually, so the question is, is it fat32 for a reason? and should i leave it alone its a fairly new pc and it came like this so im guessing yes! but whenever i do i system check ie with pitstop the only problem that keeps popping up is 'you should change drive d to ntfs.
many thanks

  Smiler 11:38 14 Jan 2007

Is everything working OK?
If so then if it ain't broke don't fix it.
If it was built with the partitions as you say then it was done for a reason.

  Probabilitydrive 11:40 14 Jan 2007

Find out more about FAT32 versus NTFS click here

thanks for that, i wasnt going to change it unless someone said it was set up incorrectly, its a compaq machine and when i set it up i got a screen advising me it has a recovery partition which is why it came with no disks, it said the only time i would need a disk was if hdd died, and advised me to make a copy, which i did, so i guess i'll leave it alone, thanks for your reply

  Terry Brown 11:45 14 Jan 2007

It is unusual for a new PC to have 'D' as the main operating drive, however if you have a recovery CD/DVD with your system instead of of a full version of XP, it may be necessary to have the 'boot' drive as Fat 32, in order to access any hidden partition which holds recovery information.
try looking at the drive properties by going to Help & Support, type in DISK and follow the bottom option to Disk Management to see all your drives & partitions. This wil give you a better idea of what is actually on your drive.

i think your correct, it came with no disks and i think what i made was a recovery disk set (2 dvds)
i had to do a recovery a month ago, and i had 3 options, a hp recovery which it did on its own (no disks, an option to boot from my recovery disks in dvd drive, third option was to boot up from symantec disk.
on the hp recovery it extracted files for about 15 mins and im guessing this is what drive d is all about, im also guessing if i try to change anything i may be sitting here for a day or two so i will leave well alone!
thanks for all your help.

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