topdraw 12:07 20 Mar 2005

Can anybody help please,

I have two drives, C drive has been formatted NTFS and I have a D drive formatted FAT32. I have created a true image of C drive onto D drive, if I were to restore this image back to C drive would it pose any problems.

Secondly I have had a problem when deleting on my D drive (was my C drive, just moved it and added a new C drive), it starts deleting, say maybe a folder but won't stop. I have to control alt delete to close it (this does not happen everytime). Many thanks for any responses,


  howard60 21:45 20 Mar 2005

you have changed slave and master jumpers? the master must be at the end of the ribbon cable and the slave on the central connector. There should not be any conflicts with 1 ntfs and the other fat32 I have 1 of each.

  Joe R 21:50 20 Mar 2005


did you format the original drive, with the OS on it.?

  topdraw 22:32 20 Mar 2005

Thanks howard60 and Joe R,

I have set jumpers correctly as master and slave and not cable select (I hope that is correct). The original drive was left with all programs including windows xp intact although I did delete the windows directory soon after.

If there is no conflict between ntfs or fat 32 then the only other issue could be why D drive will not stop deleting on some ocasions. The computer is running OK other than the one issue.

Many thanks to you both

  megat193 22:55 20 Mar 2005

There will be no conflict. The NTFS drive image will be written as FAT32 because that is the system that the D-Drive uses. If you restore the image, or part of the image, then it will be written as NTFS because that is the system that the C-Drive is using.
I have a dual-boot system, with WinME on C-Drive, which is partitioned into two (C and E). I mainly use the WinXP on the D-Drive. I back up the XP image to the partition (E), and have used the ghost explorer to restore a folder with no problems.

  topdraw 20:39 21 Mar 2005

Many thanks megat193, I will now close this thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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