NTFS and FAT 32

  Jak_1 20:01 05 Sep 2005

Can a pc running XP-Home read a slaved drive or a usb caddie drive fomatted in FAT 32. The reason I ask is that my usb caddie with a FAT 32 formated HDD works fine on my millenium machine but the xp machine refuses to recognise it. It is the same with 3 different hdd's all FAT 32 formatted.
I have tried everything to get it to work on the XP machine to no avail. I have tried updating the drivers, deleted all usb devices in control panel and reinstalled them.
The fact that it works fine on the millenium machine tells me there is nothing wrong with the caddie nor the Hdd's but Xp-Home just refuses to recognise it.

  woodchip 20:04 05 Sep 2005

Yes a NTFS can read Fat32 But a Fat32 cannot see NTFS unless you load a Program that lets you, I can post a Link if you need it. It will not even see NTFS

  Eric10 20:05 05 Sep 2005

Have you checked in Disk Management on the XP machine to make sure the drive is picking up a drive letter that isn't conflicting with any existing drives?

  Jak_1 20:28 05 Sep 2005

Thaks guys,

It is not even getting as far as allocating a drive letter, all I get is usb device not recognised.

The pc has 2 x 160 Gig Hdd's (C & D), DVDROM (E), DVDRW (F), Internal 7 in 1 card reader (G,H,I & J).

All other usb devices work fine, just this damned caddie that refuses to be recognised. The caddie is usb2 as is the usb on the pc. I have 3 20 Gig drives that I would like to transfer all the data from to the main pc. I could burn to cd's (no dvd burner in the millenium machine) but thatr would be a lot of cd's and time consuming.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:40 05 Sep 2005

Make sure jumper on drive in caddy is set to master.

  Jak_1 20:45 05 Sep 2005

It is, has to be that setting for the millenium machine too. Has got me stumped this one. Only one other thing of note is that the Landlord in my local has the same caddie and his causes him no problems. Think I will let him try mine on his machine with my drives and see if it works on his machine.

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