Now THIS is odd... is my IP infecting my Laptops???

  AngeTheHippy 10:00 24 Jul 2012

Well! Pete's Laptop has a problem (started yessterday) and Avast pops up the red warning EVERY time I even type one letter in search bar. It doesn't do this in Chrome, so IE9 only affected. Just had a thought, thinking about my Google Earth prob, and opened GE on Pete's laptop.. I GOT THE EXACT SAME MESSAGE * Google Earth could not contact the authentication server to activate your session.....*

IS IT POSSIBLE do you think, that infection of some sort is attacking our laptops via our IP??

  birdface 10:10 24 Jul 2012

Maybe reset IE9 and see if that helps.

Have you tried the Avast website to see if it is a possible false positive.

Now I have just run the fix it for this problem probably nothing to do with your problem but you never know.

  AngeTheHippy 10:18 24 Jul 2012

Must confess buteman, Morning by the way, never knew IE9 COULD be reset... howd'ya do that? I don't use it - FF is my preference...

Ange x

  AngeTheHippy 10:20 24 Jul 2012

but more importantly, how are BOTH of the laptops, and we don't share files, playing up with Google Earth??

  birdface 10:52 24 Jul 2012

Reset I/E.

Looks like you have been having problems with Google earth.

Are you using using compatibility view under tools.See if it allows Google earth.if so and you have compatibility mode switched on switch it off and see if it works ok then.

I should have warned you about the reset it removes your favorites.Maybe you can transfer them back from another browser.

  Woolwell 11:18 24 Jul 2012

As far as I am aware the reset does not remove your favorites. Clearing parts of history/personal settings does.

As both system are having the same problem then I would consider having a look at the router (power down and on again to start with) or is your ISP blocking a site?

  birdface 12:04 24 Jul 2012

Ok another one to check under tools is Tracking protection make sure it is not set to automatic and nothing is blocked.

  AngeTheHippy 12:33 24 Jul 2012

Hi buteman, Are you using using compatibility view under tools No. Nothing in IE9 compatibility view, and can't see where it is in GE, if there IS a setting there.

Ahh!!!! There was quite a few 'Google Earth's mentioned in the 'tracking protection' window, all were ' undecided/allow ' so I set them all to 'allow' and just opened and closed GE a few times and seems ok. However, just looked at Pete's laptop, the one that's got the red avast pop up even if as I open IE9, and there are LOADS of sites,all blocked; each content provider has 30 sites. Dunno what to do about this one...

Hi woolwell, I think it's highly unlikely my IP is blocking, but I am onto them about this anyway - will wait and see what they say!

Many thanks both of you,

Ange xx

  Woolwell 12:39 24 Jul 2012

It is not the ISP but IE that appears to be blocking sites. But why? Seem to have solved the Google Earth snag though!

  AngeTheHippy 12:39 24 Jul 2012

Huh!!!!! Well that didn't last long. Just opened/closed GE a couple of times, that bloody window appearing again, * Google Earth could not contact the authentication server to activate your session.....*

A xx

  AngeTheHippy 12:40 24 Jul 2012

I could ditch this IE9 version and d/l an earlier version, couldn't I?

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