Now I have even more PC problems

  Daisy22 09:42 26 Mar 2008

After trying to use the windows xp disc yesterday to cure the problems I was having, today it seems even worse. The computer keeps freezing, when I try to get internet explorer it brings the page up but then freezes when I try to look at sites, its still trying to install updates.....I am left with feeling I want to WIPE everything and start again.

How do I do this please? Do I have to uninstall all my printer/scanner/camera and other programmes I run or is there an easy way to get rid of the whole lot?

  Jak_1 09:56 26 Mar 2008

If you are simply wanting to do a full re-install then just put the XP cd in the drive and then re-boot and follow the instructions on screen.

  carper 10:04 26 Mar 2008

I just disconnect anything that was not on the original computer, do the reinstall like Jak_1 says and install your camera etc. like you did originally.
I have done the same recently because of internet explorer problems. Carper

  ventanas 10:08 26 Mar 2008

Clean install of XP showing every screen in the procedure click here

Unplug all peripheral hardware first (printer, scanner etc) These will have to be reinstalled afterwards.

Do you have all the necessary drivers for your setup - video, chipset, audio, network etc..etc.. If not make sure you get them and copy to cd or external drive first. You will need these if XP does not install something suitable.

Also make sure you have any necessary installation codes, not only for Windows, but any programs you need to reinstall. If you can't find them often choosing Help\About will reveal.

Already done this three times this week (on different machines). it really is quite straightforward.

You may only have one problem, that is if your PC isn't set to boot from the CD drive first. If it doesn't happen post back as you will need to make a change in the bios.

  woodchip 10:13 26 Mar 2008

You could start with the XP CD then choose Format Drive

Or Format C: at the Command Prompt

Then restart with XP CD you will need the Win Key of back of Comp or on Win book

  Pineman100 10:15 26 Mar 2008

Daisy22 - you need to be aware of the different options open to you, and the risks they run.

Firstly, have you tried a simple System Restore? This function would just roll the computer back to your chosen date (make sure you choose a restore point before your troubles started), with no loss of your data. The only thing you would lose is any software that's been installed after your chosen restore point date.

If System Restore refuses to work in normal mode, it's probably your security software that's giving it problems. Restart in Safe Mode, and then do a System Restore.

If that doesn't solve the problem, I wouldn't immediately wipe everything. Just do as suggested above, and reinstall Windows over the top of itself. Jak_1 has explained this. This will also preserve your data.

After that, if the problem still persists, you may then have to consider wiping your hard disk and reinstalling Windows. But this will destroy everything on your hard drive, so you'll need to backup all your data first.

But I suggest that you try the other ideas first, and then post back for more help if you have to resort to the final method.

  Daisy22 10:49 26 Mar 2008

thanks to all for your suggestions, here is what is happening

System restore was the first thing I tried - but there was nothing in the calendar to take the system back to

Yesterday I tried reinstalling with the XP Home Edition CD.

The disk reinstalled ok, and seemed to work for a while but then started with this freezing problem with both internet exporer and different programmes in windows.

It wouldn't install 91 critical updates : I downloaded a programme suggested on this forum to enable the updates, most of them worked but it still wouldn't install all of them

I ran AVG AV/AS and Spywareterminator programmes and after picking up some cookies, eventually it appears this have been eliminated

This morning all the problems with the freezing continues, I can't get into internet explorer at all (but internet is working as I am using the laptop to type this)

Whatever programme I go into I get the "not responding" error, when I go into task manager and it takes ages to close the programmes down

  woodchip 14:23 26 Mar 2008

If you have files on the drive you do not want to loose buy a new drive, remove old drive and change the jumper to slave on the drive, set new drive to master and fit it then load XP to the new drive then refit the old drive to get at you files

  kidsis 15:19 26 Mar 2008

I'm wondering if your drivers are ok. Have a look in device manager, are there any yellow exclamation points or question marks next to anything, particularly ethernet card/wireless card.

  Daisy22 09:30 27 Mar 2008

I managed to access one internet site this morning and thought everything was ok but when I tried to access another site, it did the same as yesterday and froze, and wouldn't respond.

I checked the drivers, everything except for the General Purpose USB driver (adildr.sys) was ok.

Could this be causing the problem.

  daxian 09:47 27 Mar 2008

hi daisy22....
check in task manager ,under processes see what your cpu usage is running at ....if its @100% then check which of the processes is using the most cpu time.
then post here may be that you have a virus that avg is not catching...or simply that the updates are working overtime trying to install..slowing your pc to a crawl...Dave

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