Is now a good time to buy an XP laptop? Re: Vista

  LogIK 14:02 12 Jan 2007

I'm thinking of buying a laptop soon, but I'm not interested in Vista at all.

What I'm interested in is prices.

I have two theorys - either the prices are going to plummet now up to the end of the month, as retailers are trying to get rid of 'old stock' XP machines in way for pre-installed Vista machines - or the prices are going to remain stable for now, then fall at the release date of Vista.

I'm wondering whether to buy now, or wait until after the 30th of Jan. I can't quite work out the market at the moment, as I haven't been monitoring it lately and I've pretty much just decided to get a laptop. Either now is a very good time to buy, or a totally wrong time to buy.

  LogIK 14:03 12 Jan 2007

Sorry, this may be in the wrong forum. Could a mod please move?

  Jackcoms 14:08 12 Jan 2007

"can't quite work out the market at the moment, as I haven't been monitoring it lately"

So now would be a good time to start monitoring, don't you think?

If you DON'T want Vista it might be better to purchase sooner rather than later whilst new kit still comes pre-loaded with XP.

  LogIK 14:12 12 Jan 2007

Well, I would start monitoring it, but the release of vista is coming up soon, and I'm doing as best as I can. I figured I would post on here to get the opinions of folk who are already familiar with movements of the latop computer market. Thanks for your input, anyhow.

  LogIK 14:52 12 Jan 2007

I'm not too bothered if the machine comes with Vista pre-installed, as I'll wipe the drive and put a fresh copy of XP back on.

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