novice website designer . which software ??

  ricky43 17:00 21 Mar 2006

I am not a website designer, but would like to have a go. Does anyone know of a very simple software package I could buy to develop my own website. Hopefully it needs no technical knowledge (other than an indepth ability of word excel etc).

I have come across xsitepro which looks very good has anyone used it or knows of it.


  Boc01 17:03 21 Mar 2006

I myself am only a novice and have tried loads of stuff, mainly the complecated macromedia software, but i have the easiest and most effective to use would be front page

  mco 18:43 21 Mar 2006

If you do a search in this forum you'll bring up a fair number of posts asking the same question and it might give you some more ideas and help.

  JWJ 16:50 22 Mar 2006

I started with Frontpage when I knew nothing about code. I used it's wysiwyg design mode to drag and drop my screen layouts and it coped very well. As I've learned more so I have been able to use FP more in 'coding mode' and take greater control over what I'm producing. Now I seldom use any of the 'novice' features in FP but I still use it. In other words, as I have grown in knowledge so FP has been what I wanted it to be.

  JBX22 02:35 23 Mar 2006

Hi I would echo JwJ. I think Macromedia, Flash, Dreamweaver etc are for more advanced users.
Frontpage is good for beginners (like me) as it has a good user interface. It's a bit like a
glorified version of word.

I bought the MS Guide to FP 200X which was a valuable reference tool. It's a blue and white MS officially approved
one - not the Dummies series) I could look up how to do the things I wanted to and do the right away. FP has some funny quirks and I went to a 10 week nightclass
on web programming. This tought me the basics of HTML. It gave me a good understanding of how web sites work,
the critically important nature of tables and also how to remove the spurious guff FP puts into pages.

It also meant I could confidently edit FP and add in bits of script to produce clever effects and
manipulate text etc in ways that the FP book doesn't tell you. There's loads to learn in FP before you go onto the really
complex stuff.

That was a few years ago so there may be better classes than HTML such as Xml etc but I found the classes explained the syntax to me

  sandy1640 10:03 23 Mar 2006

Hi have you tried dreamweaver by any chance go to click here

  beynac 11:02 23 Mar 2006

I use Macromedia Homesite, but I wouldn't recommend it for beginners unless you wanted to learn HTML.

However, I have just downloaded a free WYSIWYG program, Nvu, which looks quite straightforward and has a good tutorial in the help section. I haven't had time to try it out yet, but it looks pretty good. For more info' click here

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