Novice warning - Networking question

  pro747 13:04 08 Feb 2004


I've just bought a new PC running XP and have moved the old Win98 PC into another room & rather than buy another printer would like to network them together.

Can someone tell me the best way to do it - I currently have both PCs & a Playstation connected to an NTL Broadband connection via a Linksys router (BEFSR41).

Can someone tell me if I need to buy anything else, as I've read somewhere that I need a hub as well.

Can someone take the time to help explain please cos I'm confused.


  Rennaissance 13:08 08 Feb 2004

okay, run three ethernet rj45 cables to your pcs and playstation. Then for a printer you would need a print server to connec tot your router. But that is not needed as you can connect your printer to either on of the pcs and use that as the print server, but that pc has to be switched on for the printer to work. Then just run the network setup wizard and there you go. I have exactly the same router as you so its okay. connected two pcs to my network and printer to one pc and i can share it straight off.

  Rennaissance 13:09 08 Feb 2004

oops maybe too much info. No you dont need a hub in simple terms. just do as i say with the printer.

  SEASHANTY 15:16 08 Feb 2004


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