Novice trying to upgrade to SSD and Windows 7 at same time

  derekrnixon 13:03 24 Apr 2012

Good Afternoon All,

I have searched and serached but cannot find the answer? Hopefully someone can help.

I have recently been given a 128GB Kingston SSD drive. I want to now install this into my laptop to replace current hard drive.

AT the same time I want to also upgrade from Vist 32bit to Windows 7 64bit.

So my question is, in what order do I do all this and how???

This is what I "think" I know. I should clone my current hard drive to and external drive (dont know best software) Then replace my current drive with new. Then install windows 7 (I have OEM disk, is that OK. Then I can transfere all my data back over?

Because I am a novice, my concerns are that I need simple software to clone as knowing what to copy back over without messing things up? Also will i be able to load windows 7 straight from OEM disk?

Some advice would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards

  derekrnixon 15:52 24 Apr 2012

Still strugging.....

  KRONOS the First 16:32 24 Apr 2012

What you need to do is copy,not clone all your personal files from your external drive. There is no need to clone as you are going to be installing Windows 7 on the new SSD hard-drive.

The things you want to copy are anything in the My Pictures, My Music, and any Videos you might have and any documents you want to keep. all your software will need to be reinstalled.

As a matter of interest what size is your existing laptop hard-drive as a 128GB SSD is not much space. It is good as a boot drive along with your programs, but if you have a lot of music and films it will soon fill up.

Anyway fit the SSD, put the windows 7 disk in the optical drive tray, install Windows 7 then of course update after doing the following. Although Windows 7 does come with a lot of drivers it by no means covers them all. So it might be a good idea if you go to the laptop makers website and download the drivers in particular the LAN drivers without which you will not be able to connect to the internet.

If you post your laptop make and model I will find the drivers for you. There is a good chance you will not need them but better to be safe than sorry.

  derekrnixon 20:10 25 Apr 2012

Cheers Chronus, thanks for advice. I have already copied all those relevant files to external hard drive.

I was going to leave music, photo's and pictures on external drive.

So what your saying is I would have to reinstall office, norton etc fresh again?? I'm not sure what of the current programmes I still need, there seems to be hundreds of microsoft ones when I look in control panel?

By the way It's acer aspire 5738. You advice is very welcome

  KRONOS the First 05:35 26 Apr 2012

You do not need to worry about anything that is in Control Pansl they are all part of the operating system. But yes you will need to reinstall Norton and Office etc so make sure you have all the necessary activation codes. Anything you have installed yourself in the terms of program's will need to be reinstalled on your new SSD. Here is a rather clever bit of software that makes installing popular software that many of us use a lot easier. Ninite. Just put a tick in the box of all the program's you want and then download the single installer. You can then double click it and it will install the lot in one go.

I'll get back to you concerning the drivers when I am on my desktop.

By the way,good idea to leave your music etc on the external drive as these folders can take up a lot of space.

Sent from my iPad.

  sharpamat 07:02 26 Apr 2012

If the OEM Windows 7 disc is related to a differant system. It may not install or be activated by microsoft. You may also need to install a win 7 32 bit not a 64 bit dependant on your what your system spects are. To enable Chronus to fully help I feel you should cover these points first

  KRONOS the First 09:24 26 Apr 2012

The drivers for your Laptop, Drivers. rather than try and download them all.install Windows 7 and then see if any drivers are missing and just download what you need, assuming you have access to another PC and a USB drive to copy the drivers to.

  derekrnixon 09:42 26 Apr 2012

Cheers for continued advice,

I have checked windows 7 upgrade advisor on Microsoft website and it says I would be able to upgrade to 64bit. (I hope its right to trust this information)

My laptop has 8gb RAM (again thanks to kind donation from friend) So i realised to really make use of that RAM i needed 64bit opertaing system.

The OEM disk is brand new and not installed else where...So should be OK?

Thank your for the drivers, I do have access to another PC and USB so should be fine.

Im hoping I have all the information now, so the weekend will be D-Day!!!! :) UNLESS..... YOU SAY I HAVE MISSED SOMETHING CRUCIAL BEFORE I START

  derekrnixon 09:47 26 Apr 2012


Sorry one last question, on the link you sent me for drivers, I notice there is a link at bottom to windows 7 drivers for Acer aspire 5738. Is that the drivers I need as im installing windows 7?

  KRONOS the First 10:13 26 Apr 2012

Correct,my mistake I did not look down the page, well spotted. I'll link to it here so make it easy for you to find,should you need it. Win 7 drivers.

I think you will find that you have a retail disk not OEM. You are good to go. Make sure you have all the activation codes for Office and Norton and any other software you have paid for.

I know it seems a little daunting and for the first time it is but I sure you will manage,preparation is the key here and you have done that. If you need a bit more help then I have just created an email address which you can use to contact me for a bit of personal help if you need it. mrfraggle1953atgmaildotcom change the at and dot words and put the right symbols in (@.) of course. It used to be possible to send a personal message but since the forum improvement that is no longer possible.

  derekrnixon 12:33 27 Apr 2012

Ideal, Thank you

Will let you know how it goes!!!

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