A novice in trouble!!

  JOHN232 00:25 19 Oct 2007

I wonder if someone out there can give me some simple and basic advice?
My daughter has a pc running on Windows 98. She's had a problem with some virus and I thought I'd try and resolve her problem - though in truth I'm very much a novice. The pc was running so slowly (I think, because of the virus), that I gave up trying to download some anti-virus software at her house and brought the pc tower back to my place. I tried connecting it up to my monitor etc, but I hadn't realised that it would want the product key and would need to recognise some new hardware. Anyway to cut a long story short I put my product key in and didn't get much further. Now, when I try to start the maching up it goes as far as showing me the wallpaper on the desktop but no icons appear. It shows me an error message and that's as far as it goes.
I tried opening in safe mode thinking that I may be able to make progress that way, but it still doesn't get me any further.
Of course with just the wallpaper and no icons or taskbar I'm helpless.

Any advice on how to restore the system??

  umbongo(uk) 01:06 19 Oct 2007

sounds to me explorers been knocked off

boot up again let it go to the wallpaper pa
press ctrl+alt+del
the task manager should appear

click the applications tab
now click new task

in the box type

tell me if desktop comes back

  PalaeoBill 01:17 19 Oct 2007

I would make a boot diskette, put some AV software on it and clean the system.

click here

Once you have access, copy your daughters personal files off for safety. The try a reinstall from CD. If you install into the pre-existing Windows directory, 98 will do a repair installation. There is no guarantee that it will work and preserve existing applications, but it often does.

Good luck

  PalaeoBill 01:18 19 Oct 2007

Oh, sorry umbongo, didn't see you there. I will back off.

  JOHN232 01:36 19 Oct 2007

I've tried the ctrl, alt & del and it opens up the task manager's box, but there's nothing at all in it. I don't know what you mean about the applications tab. All I have at the bottom of the box is 'end task', 'shut down' or 'cancel'.

Thanks for trying to help chaps.

  Acx 02:00 19 Oct 2007


Windows 98 was very unstable compared to XP, if there is nothing on the computer you want to keep

Just wipe the hard drive and reinstall 98, (if you have the disks that came with the computer), it will will save you hours of work.

  JOHN232 02:03 19 Oct 2007

I had wanted to save some photographs if that were possible. There's nothing else that I want.

  Acx 02:19 19 Oct 2007

Do you have somewhere to save them to

a usb pen drive?
or a cd?

  JOHN232 02:24 19 Oct 2007

I have a USB pen, it's just getting at them that's teh problem at the moment.

  Acx 02:34 19 Oct 2007

ok - assuming the pen drive is large enough for the photos

copy the photos to the pen drive

  JOHN232 02:46 19 Oct 2007

If only I could!
As I explained earlier, all I get is the wallpaper. No icons and no task bar. I simply can't get at anything at the moment.

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