Novice needs help with 2 issues

  Scott_UK 16:18 16 Mar 2007

A friend and I are designing a website and need to ask for help with a few issues :
1) We are inserting flash animations on it - but not everybody has the flash player installed.
What would happen in that case ? Do we have to do an html version only and a flash version apart ? How can we prompt the users to install the flash player ?
2)How can we inset a counter for the number of visitors to the website ?
3)Our client wants to be able to make news updates himself in one of the pages. How can we do it ? Would we need to install dreamweaver in his pc and show him how to do it (running the risk that maybe he'll ruin the code) or is there an easier way to do it ? or a special program to install in his computer ?

  Forum Editor 16:34 16 Mar 2007

to detect Flash player in your visitor's browser, and to save me about half and hour's typing click here for information on how to do that.

2. Please don't bother with visitor counters, they are so naff, and mark your site as 'amateur'. In any case, they don't tell you how many visitors you've had, they simply record the number of times a page is visited - which is an entirely different thing. Put the counter on your home page and it will click up each time anyone visits that page - one person can record several times as he/she clicks around the site. If you have the site hosted with a 'proper' web-hosting company you'll have a control panel, in which you should be able to see proper server log statistics.

3. You can teach your client how to use DreamWeaver, but he'll need to buy it and install it on his machine - hardly a justifiable expense for one site. Alternatively you can use a Content Management System, which will enable your client to add content without disturbing the page layout.

There are various software solutions, but some of them are pretty expensive. click here for one that may suit you, or click here for information about some more.

  Scott_UK 20:19 16 Mar 2007

Thank you for your help and the very useful links ! Is there any good book on Java that you can recommend ?

  Forum Editor 00:14 17 Mar 2007

when you can download the best Java tutorial absolutely free.

click here

  Scott_UK 13:14 17 Mar 2007

Thanks a lot for the link, GREAT !!!

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