Novice having wireless problems with router

  KK1234 15:01 11 Nov 2009

I have a PC upstairs (which I am using now) which is connected to the internet via a Virgin broadband connection.

From the modem supplied by Virgin (well actually it was Telewest at the time of installation) there is a blue cable connecting this to the computer

There is a USB-B male connector at the modem end and a normal sized USB-A male connector at the computer end

Now I have bought a Tenda W311R+ wireless router, for a second computer, together with a Tenda Wireless USB adapter

I thought it would be a simple case of plugging in the router, installing some drivers and everything would be OK, but sadly that has not been the case

I have a few questions, which I hope somebody can answer

How do I connect my two computers ?

The first computer has no ASDL socket, just the USB sockets and the old type dial up connection socket

Sorry I don’t know the names of all the connectors, but I had a yellow cable (ref .LL84201-F4 CSA type CMG FT4 which was provided by Telewest) which fits the router.

I left the original blue cable joining the modem and computer 1, and the internet still worked.

I used my yellow cable, plugged it into the only suitable port on the modem and into the WAN input on the router. There is supposed to be a light showing the connection to this WAN, but this is not lighting up (Other lights do come on though)

I would have used this same cable to connect the first computer just to see if the router was working, albeit fully wired, but there is no socket of this type on the computer. There is an input socket, but this is slightly smaller than the sockets on the router, the correct size for my yellow cable.

I have now learnt that my yellow cable is a crossover type, so is this the problem ?

Any help provided would be greatly appreciated, so I can connect my first machine, hard wired and the downstairs (2nd) machine wirelessly

The instructions which came with the router and USB are very poor and not clear at all.

Thanks for any replies received

  Jollyjohn 15:14 11 Nov 2009


OK - using your 2nd computer which hopefully has an ethernet skt for the yellow cable, connect to the router. With a second yellow - ethernet cable - connect as you have done to the modem.
On 2nd computer open a web page and type in the address of the router 192.168.?.?- the actual address may be printed on the router or in the manual - follow the setup wizard and establish a connection to the internet.
Then disconnect the 2nd computer and then install the wireless adapter.

  KK1234 15:25 11 Nov 2009

Thanks Jollyjohn for your very quick reply

I only have one of the yellow cable; but I have just looked and there is no suitable connection on that machine either, only the same 'slighly smaller type socket' but I don't know what it is called

Assuming I can get hold of the name, do I therefore need to buy a cable with the two different ends, one for the router and one for the computer ?

Are you saying I should connect computer 2 (eventually to be wireless) initially by cable and do the necessary installation, then remove the cable and replace with the router / USB combination.

then use the cable to 'hard-wire' the first computer, sited upstairs next tot he modem.

Regards !

  KK1234 15:27 11 Nov 2009

Is the crossover cable the type I need ?

  Jollyjohn 16:38 11 Nov 2009

The slightly smaller skt is an internal modem for dial up connections.

What age are the computers and what operating system are you using?

Yes - you will need to connect by cable to the router to set it up initially.

You could ask Virgin for an all in one modem/router

It doesnt matter that it is a crossover cable - the router can handle that.

The upstairs computer - computer 1 - can still be connected by the blue usb cable.

  KK1234 17:56 11 Nov 2009

Both computers were made in 2002, but have had repairs done a couple of times since and upgrades, although I couldn't at this stage say what. One for for my father, who sadly now has Alzheimers, so i stay with him ... hence I have two machines now

Both have Nvideo GeForce MX 4000 graphics cards.

I am puzzled to know why the router WAN indicator light will not light when I join the modem to it; perhaps the wire is faulty, so i better buy a new one to see

  KK1234 19:27 11 Nov 2009

I've tried everything possible and still no success.

i even managed to get the network connection icon to flash as connected, with the Tenda screen showing signal strength as strong, but every time I tried to open up Internet Explorer, no site was available

I give in and will try to rteturn the router and USB to Ebuyer

Regards !

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