Novice confused about backups

  Munchkin 00:05 30 Oct 2004

I have recently started to use a computer at work to create a database file with the intention of doing away with manual records kept on paper. As a result of this, I have woken up to the importance of making backups. Question 1: If all I am backing up is one database file, then is it ok just to drag and drop the file to a floppy disc, and if so, is it just a matter of overwriting the file every time I do an updated backup ? Question 2: Does a dedicated backup utility program, update a backup file with additional data each time a new backup is done, or does it overwrite what was laid down previously and create a "new" file as mentioned above with regard to floppy backups ?

  whybe 00:18 30 Oct 2004

I would suggest that if you are using XP you might like to have a look at its backup facility. Found at start/all programs/accessories/system tools. This gives you the option of what, where and also when you want to backup. Q1 certainly if your database fits onto a floppy. Q2 I think it would depend on the utility you use. One thing I would consider is that you don't rely on 1 floppy, either make a number or perhaps have a set that you rotate, eg Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. Hope this helps.

  whybe 00:20 30 Oct 2004

I meant to add then you are no more than 24 hours out of date, sorry.

  Forum Editor 00:22 30 Oct 2004

will usually offer you the choice of incremental backups - where changed files are copied on the fly- or complete backups.

The accepted norm for backup copies of data files is to work on the 'Grandfather, father, son' principle, whereby you have three backup copies of files on removeable media. At each backup you overwrite the oldest copy, so the Grandfather becomes the son, the father becomes the grandfather, and the son becomes the father. That way you are least likely to suffer a catastrophic loss of data in the event of an emergency. You can use the drag and drop method if the file is fairly small - just use three floppies or CDs and rotate them as I've outlined above.

  whybe 00:50 30 Oct 2004

Sorry FE for not explaining it clearer. Thanks for your help.

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