novice computer user - advice on dell

  chandni 13:54 11 Feb 2005

i am interested in current dell offers - but need some general advice on dell products and the company itself - specific advice on dell products will be really useful (combination of products - e.g. are their printers any good)I have read other forum questions and would like to know best methods of ordering (dubious about online ordering) and possible pitfalls and things to avoid being bullied in to buying - would really appreciate ANY support/advice - thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 14:11 11 Feb 2005

Printers? They are made by HP I believe; need special dell cartridges too, I think.

Quality of PCs etc is good; do a search for Dell in consumerwatch.

  bluepedro 14:20 11 Feb 2005

My CD reader is not working, do I have to go through DELL to obtain a new one? bluepedro

  Diodorus Siculus 14:26 11 Feb 2005

bluepedro - Probably not but if you post this as a new query someone may know the answer.

  Digital 14:34 11 Feb 2005

I don't use a Dell PC but two family members have bought models recently & they are happy with them. Don't know what the printers are like tho'.

  Ivor_Monkey 14:34 11 Feb 2005

Dell pcs are very good quality. They are very reliable.

However, it is poss to buy the same spec pc at lower prices elsewhere, but you take a risk about reliability.

The other (more important) downside with dell is that major upgrades are limited, coz they use propriety mobo etc. But then it always seems easier to buy a new machine then to upgrade.

Check out dell forum on dell website for more info.

  Curio 14:44 11 Feb 2005

Have had a Dell for two years now, only major problem recently was a HDD failure. I think you will find their printers are Dell-badged Lexmark products

  Jackcoms 15:01 11 Feb 2005

I'm now on my second Dell (the last one 'died' after about 7 years having been, otherwise, problem free).

I wouldn't use anything else.

Yes, they are a bit pricey - but you pay for quality.

I bought my current one online through Dell's website about 2 1/2 years ago. It arrived on time, in perfect condition, and I was up and running in less than 2 hours.

Customer service can be a bit slow and erratic (it's based in India) but on the very few occasions I've had to use them, they've always solved my problems.

  rawprawn 15:13 11 Feb 2005

I agree with Jackcoms I have had mine just over 2 years and the only problem was about 1 month ago when the Samsung CDRw/DVD player stopped writing (Burnt out laser I think)Other than that no problems, although I have never had one of their printers.

  Chezdez 15:25 11 Feb 2005

dell are very good quality pre-built PC's, i know plenty of people with them, and very few problems. customer service is reported as being very good

the only thing to make sure of is that you get the PC with a graphics card, as oppose to on-board graphics, or else the on-board graphics will rob a chunk of your RAM

  shellship 17:15 11 Feb 2005

I'm on, I think, my 4th Dell and so far so v good. Ivor_Monkey is right - serious upgrading ain't possible but how many of us actually do so!

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