Novice to Burning CD's

  goonerjlf 14:39 08 Jan 2007

I'm wondering if some of you computer literate people can help me.

I successfully burned a song to a CD in my computer today which I'd earlier downloaded to my I-Tunes software. (Think I explained that correctly).

Anyway, about an hour later, when I went to burn another song to the same CD using the same method, a message flagged up stating the disc had to be blank!!

Surely an 80 minute disc is not now useless to record any extra music, just because I already have one song on it?

  Technotiger 14:46 08 Jan 2007

Hi, you should have chosen to burn the disc as a multi-session disc. You will not be able to burn any more to that disc. A multi-session disc allows you to place ever more items on it until it is full, it is then finalised.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 14:47 08 Jan 2007

Surely an 80 minute disc is now useless to record any extra music, just because I already have one song on it?
yes basicaly thats it if you burn 1 song to a cd and thats the only thing you burn you wont be able to burn another song later unless you use a CDR cd rewritable and chose the mulltisession mode if you burner software has one
its best to burn say 80 minutes of songs in one go to a cd

  Stuartli 14:50 08 Jan 2007

An important point when using a CD-R or DVD-R or other blank media disk in multisession form is to Save the named folder for the disk's contents after every additional multisession.

Nero prompts you to do this, but you can hit No instead of Yes if not concentrating.

Ensure that the disk will be Finalised before the last multisession is undertaken.

  Technotiger 14:52 08 Jan 2007

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