Novell password has changed, cant start pc

  Ionbarber 20:19 06 Jan 2007

I have since carried out a update on windows and shut down, since this I have been unable to start my PC again as pass word is know incorrect !!!

  Technotiger 20:47 06 Jan 2007

Hi, can you restart your pc in Safe Mode, then perhaps you can do a System Restore back to before the problem occurred. To get into safe mode, keep pressing F8 during startup.

  Technotiger 09:07 07 Jan 2007

Date: Sun, 07/01/2007 | 07:14


Hi Thanks for the asistance, however this has not solveed the problem. The laptop still starts with Novell Client for windows, when i enter my original user name and password its now incorrect. Any fuher ideas. Cheers

I would advise you to start again in Safe Mode and then uninstall Novell Client for Windows.

Please note - In view of your continuing unauthorised used of my Yellow Envelope I refuse as of now, to offer you any further assistance, I shall ignore any further communication from you, either by email or within this Forum.

  Ionbarber 10:36 07 Jan 2007

Apologise to Mr Technotiger.

I have just joined the forum and picking up the rights from wrongs for which i have just learned one.

The Novell password is the first thing I am confronted with, without the pass word in normal or safemode it wont enter windows.

If there was a way to go back 24hrs or to start windows without Novell and I at least view the changes.

  terryf 10:42 07 Jan 2007

Boot up from win cd and do a repair?

  Technotiger 10:46 07 Jan 2007

OK - I accept your apology ... because you are a new member, but you had already been told at least four times about use of the Yellow Envelope, so consider your hand well and truly slapped - or go and stand in the corner for 15 minutes!!

I will try and think of a possible solution for your problem, and will get back to this Thread if I can. Meanwhile, I am sure other members will come in with their suggestions too.

Come on Guys/Guyes's help us out here !!

  Technotiger 10:48 07 Jan 2007

Hi, that is the next thing I was about to suggest. I was going to ask if he had original XP CD.

  Ionbarber 11:37 07 Jan 2007

I am going top try and rebout from cd, but I may need further advice from that point.

Thanks Mr Tecnotiger, as you can see i am becoming aware of the and very very helpful new world I have become a member of.

  Ionbarber 11:49 07 Jan 2007

I have gone throught the motion of windows setup with the disk and I have got the stage where it ask me to set up windows/to repair windows using recovery console, I pressed to repair

It then says which windows installation would you like to log onto, I am not sure what to type as there are no options

  Technotiger 11:57 07 Jan 2007

It is so long since I did my own that I cannot remember exactly, but just log on to Windows.

  Ionbarber 12:04 07 Jan 2007

yep done that by pressing 1, it then ask me for an admistration code, which i assumed was the windows security code, but I tried both codes which failed then it told me I had enter three incorrect codes therefore it returned to windows without letting me any further.

The one thing I have noticed since this went wrong yesterday id that the screen resolutions have changed and every thing is larger. ?????

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