Novell Network s/w – anyone using it? Novell-v-MS

  Cosmic Guerilla 18:02 03 Feb 2007

Novell Network s/w – anyone using it?

We have been using Novell network software and GroupWise for email (from Novell) to manage a network with 15 Windows XP pcs for nearly three years now.

Novell runs very reliably for us and I don’t think we have ever had much server downtime during those three years. Maybe once or twice a year we might lose access to the server but a quick 10-minute reboot and everything is fine.

The reason we went with Novell rather than Microsoft for our network was (1) to try and keep any viruses from spreading, and (2) as it is not ‘driver heavy’ I would expect it to be more stable (than Microsoft).

Our external I.T. consultants tell us that when they install Microsoft SBS it usually runs ok for two to three years and then it starts to have downtime problems on the server. They also said that they do not make much money from their Novell clients because the servers run so well (compared to Microsoft).

We will be relocating to a new office soon and we will have to purchase a new server. One of our (potential) major software suppliers presented a pitch to us recently where he really pushed us to go with Microsoft rather than Novell. Admittedly they are a Microsoft partner but the heavy sell really rankled me.

Am I the only PC Advisor member who uses Novell?

If not, what do other Novell users think of the product?

Anyone care to comment on the pros and cons of Microsoft SBS –v- Novell.

  Kevin Fry 22:16 03 Feb 2007

I used Novell for about 6 years in a 24/7 taxi operation using a server and 7 client PCs. I know Microsoft SBS users never believed me when I told them Novell just worked, and we never had a problem. Really, it never ever failed.

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