novel 'happenings' with a web site; vanished!!

  p;3 20:20 13 Jun 2007

can anyone have a stab at explaining this? I cannot link TO the web site as it apparently does not exist; BUT both my mailwasher and my OE WILL log in to the web mail bit BUT the web site itself is... one does not know WHERE it is ; so can anyone tell me how my mailwasher can log into it, as I can send and get mail FROM it BUT the site itself cannot be found?

  Jackcoms 20:24 13 Jun 2007

Er, what site are you talking about??

"how my mailwasher can log into it"

Mailwasher doesn't log into anything - it looks at the e-mail sitting on your ISP's servers, as does OE

  p;3 20:33 13 Jun 2007

let me clarify a bit; when my BT server went off line I could NOT use mailwasher NOR connect to OE to get mails off server; another server seems to have 'gone walkies' ; BUT I can mail from within OT using it so the server must be out there somewhere .......BUT if it is apparently unopenable.... how can I still use it via my OE?

  Jackcoms 20:42 13 Jun 2007

I can only assume that you've been on the grog or I'm very tired after a long day. ;-)

I still don't understand your question.

If your problem is an inability to access your e-mail, isn't this an issue to take up with your ISP?

  wee eddie 20:53 13 Jun 2007

Your mail is going as far as the Outbox

  Forum Editor 22:51 13 Jun 2007

completely incomprehensible - can you explain exactly what it is you're trying to do, and which mail client you're using?

  Woolwell 23:30 13 Jun 2007

Am I correct in thinking that you cannot open your ISP's home page to access webmail but you can send and receive e-mails via Outlook Express and Mailwasher?

All of your e-mails are on your ISP's server(s). Whether you use webmail or OE it will go to that server to find the e-mail. There could be a problem with your ISP's website which is why you cannot see it ("it does not exist") or open it. This is likely to be temporary.

  johnnyrocker 23:49 13 Jun 2007

time waster


  IClaudio 23:51 13 Jun 2007

That's clarifying it?

  Snec 02:44 14 Jun 2007


  p;3 09:17 14 Jun 2007

it has been a long day and night so I will tick this as resolved to save anyone else worrying about it ; a web mail page has gone missing somewhere ,; I can send and receive mail from within my OE using that address but cannot log into the server which presumbably means the server is not 'down' but moved; I am assuming the OE settings are still valid even though the web page seems to have changed address

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