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  pappasmurf1943 16:02 13 Mar 2009

after much research and good reviews for novatech pc i purchased a rage pro pc from them unfourtantly since end of december it has been returned to them on five occasions all with the same fault it has had four new graphics card ATI RADION HD 4870 512 MB and one new hard drive it has now just been returned to them with a graphics card fault again this is now number5!!and they have suggested switching to nvidia card instead. the point am try to make is has any one had similar problems or is there something wrong with ati 4870 card or perhaps i'm just unlucky?

  Simsy 17:26 13 Mar 2009

about this specifically, btu I'd suspect one of two things...

Either there has been a big bunch of duff graphics cards produced

or, more likely,

It's not a problem with the graphics card(s); it's some other problem that is causing them to fail, mobo or power supply, or perhaps something is shorting in the graphics card slot.

Sorry if this doesn't help!



  pappasmurf1943 19:43 13 Mar 2009

thanks to simsy
being a complete novice with pc what do you mean
mobo or power supply is there any thing i can buy or do. this is a list of there short life span
no1 2days
no2 1 day
no 3 did not work on return from novatech
no4 3 weeks

  Spark6 20:31 13 Mar 2009

Is the nvidia card comparable with the ATI card?
If so, and Novatech are offering to swap it out FOC, I would accept their offer. If not, demand an acceptable card or a replacement computer.

  Simsy 22:17 13 Mar 2009

"mobo" is short for "motherboard", which is the main circuitboard in the PC into which all other components connect.

The power supply is a unit built into the computer. The mains plugs into this and it converts mains electricity into 12volts for use by the various bits... If this is faulty it might be providing more volts than neccessary and causing the graphics card to go pop!

Obviously I have no way of knowing, and am only guessing that the fault may be there...

It just doesn't seem credible that you could have 4 consecutive faulty graphics cards!

Good luck,



  pappasmurf1943 21:14 20 Mar 2009

problem sorted by novatech whole bunch faulty graphics cards thanks to all

  Simsy 23:01 20 Mar 2009

I stand corrected.
(Not for the first time!)



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