Novatech computer repair gone horribly wrong

  abs1105 01:45 06 Nov 2009

Ive had a novatech computer with Vista Home Premium which was bought in march 2007. it become bloated and began to slow right down and develop problems so i decided to do a repair and reset it to the factoryy settings, all was going well it went thru the process the came a command promt window with the message...YOU MUST NOW RESTART YOUR COMPUTER PRESS ANY BUTTON TO CONTINUE, which i did, nothing happend so after 10 mins i click the restart button that was shown in the little window that came up with the original repair option. however after the restart the message then told me there had been a problem and there were items missing from the registry which meant it was unable to start the boot sequence, i tried to get to the original repair option but this had dissapeared, it mentioned the recovery cd to repair missing files. the problem is i never got a repair cd with the unit when i bought it. so what the heck do i do now???? obviousl there is a hidden partition with the O.S on it but how the do i access it as every time i restart it just goes to the message to either try starting in safe mode which along with all the other options doesnt work, it then goes back to the screen saying the registry files for boot are missing. please help im compleatly stumped. thank you in advance

  Technotiger 08:03 06 Nov 2009

Sorry I can't help personally, but have you tried contacting Novatech, they are a well known and respected firm, usually, as I understand it, very helpful.

  abs1105 10:00 06 Nov 2009

the reason i havnt is because as its nearly 3 years since i bought it, i have no way of proving that the recovery disc was not in the box, and didnt think they would just send me another one.

  ol blueeyes 10:13 06 Nov 2009


All I can say is "ask novatech" at the worst they can only say no. You'll be no worse off will you.? Haven't dealt with them myself (yet) but from what I've been told by both users and Engineers they are a very helpful company.

  BRYNIT 10:26 06 Nov 2009

Novatetch should be able to give you the best advice on how to possibly rectify this problem you have nothing to loose by contacting them.

A lot of Computer when first started ask you to create a recovery disk as it is not supplied. People forget to do this. Also after 3 years its difficult to remember if a disk was supplied/created or even where the instructions are unless you keep everything together.

  ol blueeyes 10:45 06 Nov 2009


I seem to remember reading somewhere that novatech say "help for life"

  Spark6 12:04 06 Nov 2009

I purchased a Novatech unit earlier this year, preloaded with Vista, no recovery disc was supplied and no recommendation to create one!

Quote from their Customer Information sheet:
All Novatech's PC's and Laptops preloaded with Windows Vista have a hidden recovery partition which contains all the files and data needed to restore your unit to a Factory Standard. The 2Windows Recovery Environment" (WinRE) is designed to try and help you repair your computer if a problem should occur. We have added another section to WinRE so the end user can restore the pc back to our Factory Standard if needed.

This is followed by their recovery instructions which ends with this advice:
There is also a Windows Vista Recovery DVD available for purchase if needed. Please contact our sales team for more information. This is only needed if the end user replaces/formats the Primary Hard disk.

  Spark6 12:07 06 Nov 2009

"Windows Recovery Environment"

  abs1105 15:47 03 Dec 2009

thanks everyone, looks like its back to novatech, spark6 yes there was a WinRE folder, unfortunately after it went wrong won the 1st attempt i don't know how to now access that WinRE folder as the repair option has now dissapeared. why do they make it so bloody complicated whats wrong with the old fashioned here's your installation disc use that to repair your computer if needed???????

  retep888 16:14 03 Dec 2009

<<why do they make it so bloody complicated whats wrong with the old fashioned here's your installation disc use that to repair your computer if needed???????>>

Because lots of people used to abusing the system and pirating with the supplied OS disk.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:03 03 Dec 2009

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