Novatech computer PSU power fan failing

  nickaskew 00:20 25 May 2003

Word up, Ya'll!

I've got a self-specified Novatech 'puter that's had a few of problems.

1)The cpu fan stopped working - something wrong with the motherboard.
2)The creative audigy drive stopped working
3)Me display dissapeared, resulting in a second replacement motherboard.


Everything was ok for a bit, but being paraniod about temperature stuff i left the ASUS monitor running in the background just incase something else went wrong. Lo and behold it now has.

THe fan in the PSU has now stopped working and will only start to work if i keep pushing it round for ten minutes. Even then its not going as fast as it should be.

Does anyone know whether i should be getting a new PSU when i send the computer back or just a new fan?

ALso, i'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had any problems with Novatech Blueprint PCs.


  Wrinkles 00:40 25 May 2003

Something I've done in the past is to lubricate the spindle of the fan.
Take it out and carefully remove the foil label on the end of the spindle. With a matchstick dipped in very light oil, drip some onto the spindle and gently spin it, the oil should slowly be absorbed.
You can use 2in1 or, my preference, WD40.
There is no guarantee here and you should be very careful that any excess is cleaned off before replacing the foil label.
Its worth a try and may save the expense of a new fan at least for a while.

  kane_2002k 01:50 25 May 2003

best to let nova tech fix it, if still under warrenty, would have thought they would replace the PSU, rather then just the fan. - possibly you could request that the PSU is changed rather then just the fan...

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