Nothing works properly since installing COMODO

  adetheblade 00:45 12 Jan 2009

Just upgraded my machine it has vista home i removed the mcafee security already installed and replaced it with COMODO, since then various things refuse to work properly such as remote assistance on msn ive tried various versions of it. I use Steam also to play half life and its spin offs like tfc and counterstrike. it was a long process getting them to work eventually half life worked but tfc and cs will not if i try connect to a server the game crashes, so i turn off COMODO the game seems to work but wont conect to any server "failed to contact game server". I have set all steam products to trusted yet problem persists pleeease can someone help! new machine and all these things dont work! how demoralising :(

  howard64 07:33 12 Jan 2009

I tried comodo and could not connect with certain things nor stop its warnings etc. I downloaded zone alarm free then uninstalled comodo rebooted the pc and installed zone alarm. All now working ok if still problems you may have to reinstall steam.

  Stuartli 10:23 12 Jan 2009

You can't just install Comodo and expect it to work as you expect - it has to be configured.

Double click on the Comodo firewall icon in the Taskbar and configure it as required using the panel, including for Trusted Applications.

Comodo should also ask you whether you wish to change to Installation Mode, Trusted Application etc when in use.

  adetheblade 15:31 12 Jan 2009

thanks guys i uninstalled comodo nd it all worked fine, like i said i set the programs that played up to trusted applications i didnt just expect it to work i configured it as best i knew how. i tried zone alarm that went even worse my avast picked up a virus zone alarm klept shutting down wouldnt open and i couldnt even get back on the web! who knows which one i should try next... thank you though guys appreciate your help :)

  Sea Urchin 15:40 12 Jan 2009

You may not have completely removed the McAfee security - try downloading and running the removal tool before loading anything else

click here

  adetheblade 19:45 12 Jan 2009

yes ive removed the mcafee with the tool twice now to make sure, though since then i have used comodo and zone alarm, both of them brought me major problems so i had to get rid. i wonder have they uninstalled properly too? this is crazy none of my games work again as soon as i open them they close just dissappear, anyone any suggestions? thanks.

  Stuartli 00:13 13 Jan 2009

If you are using the Comodo firewall as well as ZoneAlarm, you are bringing problems upon yourself - using two firewalls creates difficulties.

The only exception I've found is having either Comodo or ZA installed, along with a router firewall.

  Stuartli 00:14 13 Jan 2009

You say you have Vista Home - it's accepted that the latest Windows firewall in Vista (two way) is far more efficient than the XP equivalent.

  adetheblade 00:21 14 Jan 2009

oh no i only used one at a time because the other caused too many problems but im without any of them now just the windows firewall yet im still having the same problems half life/tfc or any of them for that matter just wont open :(

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