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  artist4 06:44 18 Feb 2007

Two days ago the pc stopped loading web pages and IE7 will not connect. I have a laptop which I connect to the same modem just for updates -- it's used for other things. That is working fine.

I've had error messages 0x800CCC90,OD,OE and OF - these were all in OE. I have tried making a new account - which worked before - this happened a few weeks ago.

I have gone to run - typed in command - netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt and it came up with 'too many perameters'

What does this mean and what is the next step.

I have tried disabling AVG and Sygate and spamhilator - no different - still got the '0x800CCCOF' error.

I am loathe to uninstall IE7. I can get on to my home page but it will not load.

I have XP home

  SLAYER 07:03 18 Feb 2007

might be something here to help.

click here

  birdface 10:20 18 Feb 2007

Try Control panel.Internet options,Programs.Make sure Internet Explorer is the default web browserIf not press the button and make it the Default W/B

  birdface 10:28 18 Feb 2007

2 Days ago ,Did you get any downloads from Microsoft,Is your computer set to download automatically.If you can Check Microsoft to see if it downloaded 3 updates to your computer on the 16th,You may have to try Last good configuration, on safe mode.Or System Restore,Not everybody got those downloads,But it did stop a lot of computers from working.

  skidzy 10:30 18 Feb 2007

This may be due to some updates.Try system restore first.
Or to find out if IE7 is corrupt,uninstall this from add and remove programs,this will revert to if this is also corrupt......try this fix click here though this will not work on IE7 only IE6.

Also run your antispyware apps.

Is this a normal modem or adsl modemrouter.

  birdface 10:34 18 Feb 2007

Or try here

  artist4 15:15 18 Feb 2007


I did have a load of updates from M/S - I will test that out. But I'm going to have to leave this for now. I had a new casing a few months ago because the power unit had gone - There's always been niggles with it - well now there seems to be a switch or something gone as I can't turn on the PC. I'll be back to the shop tomorrow!!

If it cures the problem eventually - though I'm doubtful, I'll let you know. Thanks for the help so far.

  artist4 12:24 21 Feb 2007

I got the computer back from the shop today.

It was the power pack all along. When the chap went to plug into the computer he got blue sparks and it caught on fire. It was only 9 months old. His wife rang me yesterday to say the computer was 'full of spyware' and needed a good clean out. I was spitting nails as I know the computer is clean. It's a ruse for the unwary - a bit of easy profit. Anyway, she backtracked and said 'well, there were a few bits' - not surprising to me as I would think there will always be a few bits until the next scan.

£80 - thank you! We tried for a discount got a credit note for the £50 which they charge for just accepting the computer in the shop - to be used if we go back there again. Dubious, I think.

Thanks for the help - we were always going to lose though.....

  birdface 14:24 21 Feb 2007

Only 9months old .It should still have been under Guarantee.You should have a standard 12 month warranty with it,

  skidzy 15:00 21 Feb 2007

Im afraid this sounds like you have been really stitched up,the error report you posted has nothing to do with the psu if indeed you mean the psu.

I would steer clear of this person and there shop.

And like Buteman says,i would have thought if it is the psu at fault ..its a hardware issue and should be under warranty as long as you have not opened the case.
I would be going straight back and try to get the money back if you have not opened the case,not to mention a piece of my mind.

Hope you have better luck if you go back.Let us know if you get a refund.

Best of luck.

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