Nothing Happening

  Lucky7 20:00 16 Oct 2005

Hi Chaps, I have an Advent 6522 Laptop, when i swithch it on, only the fan is running, nothing else not even a single beep. Can you advise me please. Regards, Bobby.

  splork 20:17 16 Oct 2005

All running ok up till now? Good battery? Can you test the voltage from the PSU? If it has extra memory try taking it out (earth yourself first and only touch the memory by the very edges) and try switching on then.

  Lucky7 20:39 16 Oct 2005

I tried switching on without the the ram in, still no beeps. Not quite sure how to test the PSU. Everything is so compact in the case its hard to get at things. Just a thought, if the power comming in from the adapter was to have the two wires touch what would be the first thing to short out. Bobby.

  splork 20:44 16 Oct 2005

Indeed it would, but would probably blow the PSU too, either the plug fuse or a smaller internal fuse. If the PSU is making strange noises, crackling or anything, it's struggling to provide power. You'd need a multimeter to test it. With no POST beeps, it doesn't look good otherwise, and as you say, much harder to disconnect components to troubleshoot the way you could in a desktop system. Have you tried asking for support at the website?

  Lucky7 20:53 16 Oct 2005

Would the fan still run even if i have blown the PSU. This sound like its getting expensive. Is it possible to retrieve my files on the hard drive without installing it in another computer, only iv noticed the conection is much smaller than hard drive in the desktop.

  Lucky7 21:59 16 Oct 2005

Just had another look, i cant seem to find the PSU, does it have a fan like the ones in a desktop.

  splork 22:09 16 Oct 2005

It will be a 2.5" IDE connector, you can get adaptors , try maplin. When i refer to the PSU, I mean the black box you plug into the mains, just a transformer, usually supplying 20v+ at 120w.

  Lucky7 22:14 16 Oct 2005

Thankyou for your help splork, sorry to be a dim on what you meant by the PSU, by the way that black box is still working fine, which means i still need to look somewhere else in the Laptop.
Regards, Bobby.

  splork 22:16 16 Oct 2005

No worries, hope you find a solution.

  ahales42 23:11 16 Oct 2005

Beep Code: Description of Problem:
No Beeps Short, No power, Bad CPU/ MB, Loose Peripherals

i assume that laptops and desktop errors are the same.

  splork 23:20 16 Oct 2005

Do the beep codes list No Beeps?

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