podlod 13:49 27 Jan 2008

Hi, I find when I want to save something in notepad/wordpad it sometimes goes straight into microsoft word and if it does manage to go into wordpad it is encrypted? what do I have to do to make it my choice and how, as I never seem to be able to save a message in wordpad not being encrypted? thanks for any help.

  silverous 14:04 27 Jan 2008

I'm not clear on your question podlod. There are three tools:

- Notepad - Text file editor - (comes with Windows)
- WordPad - Basic word processor - (comes with Windows)
- Microsoft Word - Full Word Processor - (separate MS office product)

What exactly are you trying to do in which ?

Notepad is for editing text files without any formatting. Anything you save in that should be opened easily in the other two (Wordpad and Word).

If you save wordpad or word and try to open in notepad it will seem "encyrpted" because they save files with formatting included and do not save files in a "text" file format, i.e. not human-readable (e.g. in notepad - which will show you human-readable files).

Pretty much anything you save in Wordpad I would expect to be able to open in Microsoft Word. Files you open in Word may not be easily opened in WordPad without loss of formatting/issues.

So there is a hierarchy in effect, the most basic, human readable (in notepad) text files up to the most powerful word processor with its own file format (word) that you can't read fully in the "lesser" tools.

notepad -> Wordpad -> Word

you can go from left to right but not back.

Hope that helps.

  DieSse 14:29 27 Jan 2008

"I find when I want to save something in notepad/wordpad......"

This is a common misunderstanding.

You can't save something into Notepad, or into Word. What you save is saved in a particular format, and accessible by any program that can open that format.

So when using Notepad and you save a document as a text file (.txt), then what you get is a file called xxxxx.txt (say)

If you open Notepad and then open xxxxx.txt, it will open fine and you can edit it.

If you double click on xxxx.txt it will open with whatever program you've got your system set to open .txt files (which may be Word).

So the answer to your issue can be threefold.

First, when you save a program as a .txt file with Notepad - to open it again with Notepad, start Notepad, and then choose File-Open


Secondly - change your system File Associations so that when you open .txt files they open with Notepad. There is more than one way to do this, ask if you need help to do so.


Right-click on the xxxxx.txt file, select Open with from the menu, then choose Noepad as the program to open it with. If you tick the box Always open....etc then for the future your .txt files will open with Notepad.

  DieSse 14:32 27 Jan 2008

First, when you save a program

should read First, when you save a file


  podlod 13:18 28 Jan 2008

Hi, well whats happened is as follows; I copied this post and went to paste it in notepad which I did ok, but when I went to save it a panel appeared and I clicked to save it in my documents in ....txt and saved in Text documents, and then I tried to save in ANSI, did not work so I tried Unicode, did not work then UTF8 and it still did not save, the box just stayed there?please tell me what I am doing wrong!!!

  DieSse 15:42 28 Jan 2008

I just did the same and it worked fine for me. You don't normally have to change the encoding.

You did give the file a name before you tried to save it??

  podlod 13:29 29 Jan 2008

Hi, sorry to be evasive, but where do you give it the name?

  podlod 13:32 29 Jan 2008

Hi, OK cracked it, I gave it a name and it works ok, thanks for all your help, merci!!!!!

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