rotormota 17:14 25 Nov 2004

Is there a reason why I have Notepad in my Norton Firwall allow/block lists & why would it want to access the internet anyway?


  Diodorus Siculus 17:32 25 Nov 2004

Strange one - are you sure you are clear of spyware / virus infection? It may be a program which has changed its name?

  Dan the Confused 17:47 25 Nov 2004

Some malware disguises itself as notepad.exe, like click here and click here

If you run anti-spyware and anti-virus software regularly then the chances are it has been removed. You could also run RBKiller 1.61 click here to be on the safe side.

  rotormota 18:01 25 Nov 2004

I have NAV, Spysweeper & Adaware run weekly.
Interestingly having found it in the NIS block/allow list & modified it to block always, within a minute or so I had a Norton blocked/matched incoming Netbus Trojan Horse alert. Coincidence or connected?

Well anyway, as I said I have now blocked it. The location by the way is Windows/System 32.

Any other ideas? Anyone else got it in their NIS block/allow list?


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