Notepad problems.

  TonyAA 11:17 03 Jun 2005

Been trying for days to open files in notepad without success,even ticked it to be used as the selected program and it does then show up in the taskbar but when I try to maximize, it flies off the right hand side of the screen.

Found by accident the notepad files will open in Word but as it is the boot.ini file I want to alter I am wondering if the changes will go through without major problems.Can anyone advise,thanks.

  pauldonovan 12:14 03 Jun 2005

..two screens setup in your display properties have you?

i.e. a 2nd monitor screen setup with 'Extend my windows desktop...' set ?

  pj123 13:31 03 Jun 2005

There should'nt be any problems editing the boot.ini in Word providing you save it back to it's original location.

The only problems you may encounter are the effects of the alterations on the way your computer boots (or not) as the case may be.

Be very careful.

  Eric10 14:06 03 Jun 2005

If Notepad is opening off the screen you could try opening Notepad then pressing Alt+Spacebar followed by M. This will open Notepad's Control Menu and select the Move option (although you won't see it as it's off screen). You can now use the arrow keys to try and bring it back on screen. Clicking the mouse or pressing Escape will close the Control Menu. If you do use Word to edit Boot.ini then you must choose Save As and the Plain Text option otherwise it will save as a Word Document with disastrous consequences. I personally wouldn't do it on my PC but would rather search for an alternative text editor on the web.

  TonyAA 14:34 03 Jun 2005

pauldonovan you're right.Stopped using second monitor a couple of months ago and forgot to change settings.Thanks, notepad now working.
pj123 I wrote the boot.ini file for four disks and one has just died so I wanted to alter the file in notepad.I've made mistakes before so i'll try to be careful.Thanks also.

  TonyAA 14:37 03 Jun 2005

Sorry Eric10 didn't update so missed your posting.

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