podlod 12:04 18 Apr 2008

Hi, I have downloaded the new Notepad++ and although it is far more superior to the original I find I am not sure on how to command it to type out a page in just A4, and I have to open in what I designate (browse), like original notepad or microsoft word or whatever, am I missing something or is there a reason I cannot open in itself, if you get my drift, or is that normal?

  Chas49 12:40 18 Apr 2008

podlod: I've just downloaded this program, typed in a line of text, clicked Print, and then, on the second occasion of doing this, had a box appear from Comodia (Firewall) asking if it should continue. I clicked on trusted application. The program continued and the print dialog box came up. Clicked the Preferences button and could see that it was already set at A4. It did, on pressing the print button, print out OK. On the first occasion it didn't require the firewall tbe clicked (It had been clicked on installing the program!).

Hope this helps.

  podlod 10:32 19 Apr 2008

Hi Chas, I did exactly as you suggested and nothing like that happened to me? but I did try in preferences that lyes in the support area and there is nothing about removing firewall there, could you tell me where it is on notepad please?

  bretsky 14:51 19 Apr 2008

Hi, sorry for not understanding but what is it you are trying to do because I downloaded the program which, BTW is brilliant and now use it all the time, I have set it as the default program to open all my notepad files and can also print to A4 spec.

bretsky ;0)

  podlod 08:01 20 Apr 2008

HI,sorry its just that when I type something in the new notepad it seems a lot wider in the typing area and not the normal A4 sheet size as was the preceding old notepad?

  cocteau48 08:18 20 Apr 2008

Have you tried ticking "wrap" under the view menu?

  bretsky 09:13 20 Apr 2008

Ah yes, as coteau48 has pointed out.

For anybody else who's interested, here's the link
click here A very comprehesive more indepth file text editor.

bretsky ;0)

  podlod 15:00 21 Apr 2008

Hi, thanks for all the info, I have found the link bretsky, but is it the binary file I have to download for the manual?

  cocteau48 16:19 21 Apr 2008

If you are looking for the manual for Notepad++ then it is on bretskys' link.... about halfway down the page (just above the logos).You can download it in PDF format.
I have just downloaded it myself... plenty of bedtime reading.

  bretsky 18:26 21 Apr 2008

"but is it the binary file I have to download for the manual?"

Goto click here and look for the heading Offline Help file (User Manual)which is half way down the page just above the logos, it will be in a pdf-all 39 pages.

bretsky ;0)

  podlod 09:00 22 Apr 2008

Hi thanks bretsky I have now got it!please can you tell me if I can open the manual from notepad while i am working in notepad, from the bar above somewhere, or do I have to place it on my toolbar?

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