notebooks and the internet

  Skimbleshanks 14:06 28 Nov 2004

Have just bought a laptop and want to know if I can access the internet without a phone line of anysort.

Have been told about wireless modems (what are they)? and prepaid internet service cards that can (apparently) be slotted into the side of the laptop.

As I am completely ignorant of all these things can someone offer me some advice on the best option?


  TomJerry 15:14 28 Nov 2004

there are two ways to do this.

(1) access internet via mobile phone network, use so called GPRS technology (2.5G, not 3G technology yet), Vodaphone sell a few package cost monthly about £100 +, speed is almost as fast as broadband.

(2) acess wirelessly via a wireless "Hotspot" nearby (30 meters) if your laptop is wireless ready, there are many hot spot around the county for example most Starbuk coffee, but cost is high as well, maybe 5 pounds a hour, speed is the same as broadband

A cheaper, but slower method (25% speed of normal dial up) is to dial a normal dial up service using your mobile phone if your mobile phone has build data modem (many have) and both your mobile and laptop have either infra-red or bluetooth connection.

  Skimbleshanks 17:09 28 Nov 2004

Thanks for that. Cost sounds rather prohibitive on the first option!

As I am living in a B&B each week I don't think I'll be near a hotspot!

I guess I'll just have to eschew the internet until I get home to my PC each weekend!

  Diodorus Siculus 17:14 28 Nov 2004

Intel's Hotspot Finder - Wi-Fi Hotspots - Wireless Hotspots - Worldwide Hotspot Directory
click here

  Skimbleshanks 17:19 28 Nov 2004

Thanks for that - if push comes to shove I can use one of the ones that are listed near where I'll be based. I'll have to be circumspect tho' - £5 an hour is a lot!

  Diodorus Siculus 17:21 28 Nov 2004

Expensive - yes! But many companies do decent mothly rates.

A regular internet cafe is probably your best bet when you want to connect.

  Skimbleshanks 19:02 28 Nov 2004

Thanks for that - I'll check out the rates, though I'll probably opt for an internet cafe!

Thanks everyone

  TomJerry 20:12 28 Nov 2004

you can use dial up to dial into a 0800/0808 isp service, cost is acceptable, half pence a minute, you can buy a prepaid card, just like pay as you go mobile, £10 pass give you 2000 minutes and valid for 90 days click here. I used this service before, it is reliable.

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