the_moman 23:38 05 Oct 2006

Hi there,
Like many other people asking for help on this site, i have come to a bit of a dead end with the wireless.
I have recently bought a dell laptop that has wifi technology. I have 2 other computers and 1 other notebook that are connected through the usb stick to the wireless router (netgear).
However, im trying to use the wifi system and its just not working. I've tried to input the encrypted code but it says it is still unable to connect.
However, i am able to connect to another wireless network which belongs to someone that lives nearby. Unfortunately, i cannot sign on to my own network which is password protected. I have tried to insert the password in the correct field but it still does not connect.
Its bothering the hell out of me. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

  ade.h 16:17 06 Oct 2006

(It should be WPA, but that's another issue).

Firewall configured to allow the connection?

Windows WZC in use rather than 3rd-party management software such as ProSet?

  the_moman 00:09 07 Oct 2006

I can't say i understood any of that but i think its WEP and by firewall do you mean something like mccafee?
I am using mcafee and dont know how to turn it off. By exiting, does that mean it is off?
And what does windows WZC stand for and i am using proset wireless.
I have tried using the windows wireless system but that doesnt work either.
I want to cry :(

  ade.h 00:14 07 Oct 2006

Do not use WEP - click here
Do not turn off your firewall - click here
WZC =Wireless Zero Config
You should avoid ProSet - it must be removed if you want to use WZC.

Have a read of the McAfee manual and check its rules.

  the_moman 00:25 07 Oct 2006

how do i turn off WEP?
I use blueyonder with a netgear router. It asks me for an 'encryption key' which i put in and it still says it is unable to connect. By firewall, you mean 'mcafee' i presume. OK, il leave that on.
ANd think i know what you mean by WZC now aswell. I've tried using that but it ALSO says its unable to connect (reach the network) and says i may be out of range (which i am not).
How do i remove WZC?

  Fellsider 10:50 07 Oct 2006

If it's the netgear router supplied by Blueyonder, you won't get it to connect as Telewest 'doctored' the software so that it only supports one PC.

  ade.h 13:38 07 Oct 2006

You can't remove WZC - neither would you have any reason to.

If Fellsider is correct, then you may be stuck.

  helpingf 15:07 07 Oct 2006

i have blocked my friends email address by mistake how can i restore it ? instead off blocked

  ade.h 15:39 07 Oct 2006

Please do not hijack.

  peug417 22:39 07 Oct 2006

Your issue could be the same as the one I was having. check the setup instructions of your router and see if you have allowed the mac address of the wireless card in the relevant location. Not sure of the setup of Netgear, but D-Link its under the advanced tab. You will find the mac address either on the rear of the card or on the box.

  Danoh 18:11 10 Oct 2006

Just to re-cap;
You already have 2 PCs and 1 laptop which are connected to the Netgear router both wirelessly (USB stick?) and via a wired connection, with no issues.
However your new DELL laptop would not connect wirelessly even though you have entered the password via Intel’s ProSet screen, even though you can connect to a neighbour’s wireless network.

Try the following and post back with your results so we can suggest the next thing to do.

Delete ALL wireless connections you can see shown on your new DELL laptops ProSet screen.

Then create a new one again, starting with entering your wireless network’s
- SSID (Station ID),
- encryption method used (WEP or WPA) and
- Passphrase (password).

Be very careful that you do type accurately as I often mistype and wonder what had gone wrong.

Not wishing to be too presumptuous, but from what you say, you probably did not set up the network and therefore the router’s settings? If someone else did, they might have setup MAC address filtering as suggested by peug417.

Each computer/device has a unique MAC address. Routers can have the wireless function to only allow specified MAC addresses of specific computers to connect to the wireless network. If you don’t know how to check if the router has this capability, post back.
We’ll be able to talk you through how to check, then if its being used, how to find out the MAC address of your new DELL laptop and add it in.

Don’t lose heart!!!

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