Notebook tripping out

  liveupstairs 22:12 10 Aug 2008

Wonder if anyone has ever come across this fault and have any advice?
My husband's notebook, which is approximately 8 years old, has started to trip out the transformer during boot up. The trip out occurs at different times during boot up alhough most of the time it is after the POST and either before or during loading of Windows. The computer clicks off and the transformer's light goes off and there is no power. This fault has occurred this week and by switching off the power and then switching it back on so that there is power to the transformer the computer will eventually boot up and run fine however this evening the 'puter has decided that it won't be persuaded to start.
The battery died some time ago and so the notebook has to be powered by mains electricity.
Hope all of this makes sense to someone!

  woodchip 22:34 10 Aug 2008

If the Battery is a dud remove it and just stick to mains, leaving the battery in, can be the problem

  liveupstairs 22:45 10 Aug 2008

Thanks woodchip will give that a try. Didn't think to remove it duhh! Anything is worth a try at the moment as the notebook has hubby's 120,000 word novel on it although he did take my advice and back it up.

  woodchip 22:48 10 Aug 2008

When Battey goes it can short internal, so the power from the Mains adapter is drained by the short, Hence none starter

  liveupstairs 23:02 10 Aug 2008

Well Woodchip we removed battery and tried powering up and the menu came up asking if we wanted to start in safe mode. Changed that to start in normal but it went back through the same process and then tripped out again. So it isn't the dud battery unless it has caused some internal damage.
Have never come across this problem before.

  woodchip 23:07 10 Aug 2008

If you are running XP try doing a System Restore back to a Old date these are in BOLD text in Restore. This does not alter your working Files, Otherwise it may be a bad Driver

  liveupstairs 23:11 10 Aug 2008

It is Windows 98SE and as the notebook doesn't stay on long enough to access Device Manager can't see how we can check anything.
Thanks for your help though

  woodchip 23:16 10 Aug 2008

Can you get in using Safe Mode tapping F5 as it starts, you can then check Device Manager for the things loaded but they will not all be loaded as it will be in Safe mode. Try Starting in Safe Mode then in Run Box type MSCONFIG press enter the tick the Diagnostic Box and try rebooting normal

  woodchip 23:18 10 Aug 2008

If you click on help in the start menu it will guide you on how to use this under Troubleshooting Start/Shutdown Problems

  liveupstairs 23:39 10 Aug 2008

Hi woodchip thanks for hanging in there. The notebook is not staying powered up long enough to get into it even in safe mode. It will sometimes get as far as loading the icons on the desktop in Safe Mode before tripping out. Just don't know if it is a problem with the transformer or whether it is an actual fault in the notebook causing a power overload.

  Leecher 23:44 10 Aug 2008

Can you access the BIOS? there should be voltage information in there, perhaps you could share them with us if possible? (unfortunately I can only compare them to my own as im not familiar with laptop voltages)

It doesnt sound like a hard drive problem so if you need to you can put the laptop hard drive into an external 2.5" HDD caddy and copy the files from the hard drive if you need to.

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