Notebook Problem, bios, HDD or other?

  Cam-330894 01:00 16 Jan 2005

Hi all. I have a problem with a laptop that belongs to a friend. The machine is a vintage 2000 compaq notebook 100. The internal CDrom drive had expired a long time ago and now it seems the original 5 ?Gb HDD has gone the same way.
As usual the machine arrived without a manual or any information.

I have purchased a new drive Samsung 40Gb, fdisked it to give one small partition 5Gb and 2 other partitions using anothe laptop. Now. When I put this drive into the original Compaq it is not detected by the bios.

I have cheke Samsung's site for a drive overlay. No luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions as how to get the laptop up and running?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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