J. I. 15:41 28 Nov 2009

My daughter wants to buy her 1st computer. She has choice of a notebook or laptop, are these the same or is there a difference between the two, if so can someone explain what the differences are and which one should she go for

  Technotiger 15:53 28 Nov 2009

A Notebook generally only has 10" screen, laptops start from about a 15" screen, bigger is better. Plus, Notebooks usually have no DVD/CD Drive, which I consider essential. Laptops do have DVD/CD Drive.

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  retep888 16:02 28 Nov 2009

It depends on how she's using the computer,if it's being used like a desktop i.e. stays on the same place and never leaves the house than a big laptop is the choice.

But if she takes it with her to the college or uni most of the time then a netbook is more ideal,choose one with a longer battery life.

However there are some other things to consider such as a USB external CD/DVDRW drive you might have to purchase with a netbook if you don't have the means/know-how to install programs.

  J. I. 10:45 29 Nov 2009

Thanks to technotiger and retep888 for input. Surprised notebooks do not have a drive and screen sizes so limited. Leaves her no choice but to go for a laptop

  Taff™ 11:25 29 Nov 2009

Be careful here. A Notebook and a Laptop are generally the same thing. Manufacturers just refer to them by either name. e.g Asus Notebooks click here which are all larger screens and have DVD rewriters.

A Netbook is generally the term applied to the smaller screens (7-11") and usually without a DVD drive as retep888 rightly states. The smaller models have much smaller keyboards, about 3/4 the usual key size and poor viewing areas which could not be seriously recommended for a student. For occasional use, portability etc they are fine but you certainly wouldn`t be writing a serious dissertation using one or using it for three hours a night to do homework. IMHO.

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