Notebook for Gaming under £1000

  sean-278262 17:26 28 Dec 2010

Hi everyone, I have been looking for a new laptop as my current one is experiencing problems that are now getting to the point where replacing bits is going to be more expensive than getting a new one would. I have a budget of up to £1000 but have a few questions for those more in the know than me.

First of all is it worth waiting out till after CES before buying a new laptop as I can live using my Samsung NC10 for a month quite happily if needed. But want to know is it worth waiting for Sandy Bridge and the like first?

Secondly what should I buy, I have been looking to get the most bang for my money but dont really need BluRay or TV tuners and the like so looking to max out on real specs. I do enjoy gaming a lot and video and photo editing so I want an i7 processor ideally and a good graphics card, also fancy a high res screen if possible. I have been looking at a few different models;

Dell XPS 17 - 17inch - £764 after vouchers - click here - I like because of the price for the spec and it is well rated review wise

Dell Studio XPS 16 - 16inch - £820 - click here - Not as good graphics wise but neat features like the backlit keyboard and SRGB screen as standard

Medion Akoya - 17inch - £899 - click here - Good laptop specs for the price and one of the fastest graphics cards for laptops anywhere.

Medion Erazer - 15inch - £949 - click here - Fast laptop but not sure about how easy warranty claims etc will be.

So to sum it up, do I take the plunge now and get something in the sales or do I wait till after CES and hope for something a good deal better as Sandy Bridge does look interesting but it is unclear how quickly it is going to appear on machines at this price point. I also like the look of the XPS17 and Medion 17inch machines for the dual hard disks as I could add a small SSD for quick boot times and use the larger drive for storage of data.

I would welcome any feedback as I really am lost as to what I should do.

  rickf 17:51 28 Dec 2010

Trouble with notebooks is you can't upgrade the graphics card when you need to with more and more intensive demanding games coming on the market. I would have thought a up to date desktopwould be more conducive all round.

  sean-278262 18:46 28 Dec 2010

Sadly I need the portability of a laptop,so a desktop is out of the question.

  northumbria61 21:34 28 Dec 2010

Anything here click here

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