Notebook dvd

  woodsink92 20:33 02 Jun 2004

I would like to tart up my old Dell Lattitude notebook with a dvd player and give it to my son as a portable dvd player, that he can use to do WP stuff on when he gets a little older. I don't know if it will take it. It is an old 500mhz processor with 4gb hard disc space. Does anyone know if it will be worth it or should I forget the whole idea?

  stalion 22:25 02 Jun 2004


  woodsink92 08:49 03 Jun 2004

that was not very helpful..... perhaps you have other words of wisdom?

  stalion 18:41 03 Jun 2004

bump is a way of putting your post back to the top of the list to get you help otherwise it dissapears in to infinity Regards

  Curio 19:50 03 Jun 2004

I ran and my Grandson still runs a Creative dvd player on a P2 350 PC. I think that is minimum spec

  Curio 20:11 03 Jun 2004

Forgot to add PC is Windows 98

  woodsink92 09:52 04 Jun 2004

Thankyou Stallion, I admit I didn't understand and thought you were being rude.... please accept my public apology.

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