Notebook disk upgrade

  bathjobby 16:03 19 Feb 2009

My notebook has a 40gb 2.5" disk, Fujitsu MHT2040AT which I would like to upgrade to a 60 or 80GB disk, which are available in this Fujitsu range (MHT2060AT & MHT2080AT). Are there any compatibility considerations with just replacing the disk i.e software drivers etc or is all that taken care of by my Windows, XP SP3 OS ?
If not, is it even possible to replace it with a none Fujitsu disk as I notice many other brands are much cheaper than Fujitsu ?
Many thanks in advance for any help provided.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:05 19 Feb 2009

It will depend on the manufacturer of the notebook but 9 times out of 10 you can safely change the hard drives with no problem. Changing for a different brand of disk will not be a problem.

What is your notebook make and model?

  bathjobby 11:22 20 Feb 2009

Thanks for the reply. It is a Novatech badged notebook, system info says MTC which is Mitac I believe, 8640, x86 family 15 model 2 stepping 7 genuine Intel 2666 Mhz. My current disk is also rated at 4200 speed and I'm thinking of going to 5400 to get some performance improvement without going too fast and maybe overheating. Do you also think it is possible to do that ? Thanks again.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:27 20 Feb 2009

Give Novatech a call; they are very helpful with such issues and will likely be one of the best priced options for a new disk.

  wee eddie 13:25 20 Feb 2009

It will be OEM and is unlikely (cannot) to be transferable.

Best to get an External HDD and Archive the stuff you don't need regular access to on it.

  gazzaho 15:50 20 Feb 2009

wee eddie all he's doing is changing the drive the OEM will work, the problem might be activation after installing, which shouldn't be that big a problem. I would be more concerned with SATA drivers when installing to a virgin drive on a notebook as these often require a floppy disk drive to load from. The easiest method would be to clone the drive and just swap them over, however you may need a special cable click here to connect the new drive in order to clone it first.

I would check with Novatech first though as Diodorus Siculus says.

  gazzaho 15:51 20 Feb 2009

Scrub that SATA bit the notebook uses an ATA drive, I just checked no need for STAT drivers.

  bathjobby 16:36 20 Feb 2009

Thanks again guys.. I have already replaced this drive like-for-like some years ago when the original failed and obviously have the drivers to hand, on CD. I also have an external, USB enclosure for 2.5" drive which I used to recover some files from the failed drive. So what I'm planning to do is put the new drive in this enclosure and clone my existing drive, then install the clone into my notebook. So I'm fairly happy with these procedures, it was just the question of do we think there would be any compatibility problems by me opting for a larger capacity drive and maybe a slightly faster one (from 4200 to 5400). From your replies and what they have prompted me to read elsewhere, I'm beginning to think it will be ok and given the price of these disks (60gb at 5400) at under £30, I'm going for it. Thanks again everyone.

  AL47 13:56 22 Feb 2009

i have a different laptop but i went from a 80gb 5400rpm hard disk originally to a 200gb 7200rpm

overheating wont be an issue

  ztronicsalien 10:42 25 Feb 2009

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