notebook acer aspire - troubles to recover system

  OzzYMad 15:53 15 Sep 2007

Hi .. sorry for my bad english , I hope u can understand my post.. I'm facing a little problem :
I have an Acer Aspire 3000(3002LCI) notebook, it came with 3 recovery disks... I never used it before.. last week I had to replace the HD and I'd to reinstall the original acer software and Im not able to. I work with computer I have good knowledge and I guess there is something missing, maybe a systme disk? the 3 disks no one is bootale I tried many times and does not work, I changed the options in setup to boot first from cd/dvd , if I insert for example my ubuntu linux live cd it boots and works fine, but no one of the 3 acer recovery disks is bootable .. I know some acer systems come with a hidden partition but mine doesnt have any and now I changed the hard drive so... the main reason I wanna install original software is because the windows xp dat comes with it because its original..
any idea ? what should I do? I tried to contact acer but they dont care cuz my notebook was bought on US and Im on brazil so...
thanks in advance for any help...
cheers, have nice day guys.

  tullie 15:58 15 Sep 2007

Can you not recover anything off the old drive?Iwould say that your recovery partition is on it,without that i dont think your recovery discs are any good.Maybe someone will have a better idea?

  OzzYMad 16:06 15 Sep 2007

Hi dude unfortunately the old drive is "dead" cant recover any data from it no more..

acer recovery system is rubbish .. they think the HD will last forever, lmao .. I think there is a system bootable disk...

  iambeavis 16:30 15 Sep 2007

Have you enabled "Disk to Disk Recovery" in the BIOS.

  OzzYMad 19:20 15 Sep 2007

hi Iambeaves yes I did but didnt worked .. as far as I know the D2D recovery works only when the hidden partition exists in my case Ive changed the hard drive so its gone now I just have the 3 recovery disks but Im afraid now they become useless its strange the way acer sell their products I have an original windows license attached to the laptop I should be able to reinstall it whenever I want now they do not supply original windows disk and even the recovery disks doesnt work at all I think there is a missing disk maybe a system boot disk?

  iambeavis 19:35 15 Sep 2007

Do you have a manual for your notebook? If not, you can download one from here (bottom of the page and available in most languages) - click here
The instructions for recovery start around page 56.

  OzzYMad 20:07 15 Sep 2007

I have the manual but it explains how recover using D2D(the method da uses the hidden partition).. I need help how recover using the cd's...
acer manuals are not clear

  OzzYMad 20:15 15 Sep 2007

I think I need the acer erecovery software so Ill be able to recover the system... any idea where I can have it? there is no links do download on acer website its so confusing

  iambeavis 20:22 15 Sep 2007

I'm guessing that for "XP", it's the second one down in the driver and utilities box - "acerem" (I would imagine that's an abreviation for "Acer Empowering Technology"), but, as I said, I'm guessing.

  Jollyjohn 21:46 15 Sep 2007

There should be a 4th disk.. Confusingly also labelled Disk 1 (Bootable) System disk. This one goes in first and then the three recovery disks are used to reinstall the OS and drivers.
For Aspire 3000 series the part number is SD.A5103.003 Will Acer supply a copy?

  OzzYMad 14:21 16 Sep 2007

yeah Jolly Im afraid the man who sold me the laptop has lost the bootable disk but Ill try to download the erecovery for windows so Ill be able to use the 3 recovery disks(I hope) ... and I think acer will not supply the disk without charging lol

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