Notebook 802.11g Mini Card Wireless Adapter

  lil27 19:15 10 Aug 2007

I have just set up a wireless connection to my NTL broadband cable modem using a Belkin G+ router. Everything works fine as long as I am in the same room as my router. If i go in the next room, my signal strength goes to poor.
If i go a little further away from the Router with my laptop e.g. downstairs, i cannot identify my network at all. I lose my signal.
Additional to that, my pc does not identify any other networks in my area when i know they exist. My neighbour brought his laptop to my house and can detect my Belkin Router from anywhere in the house. This leads me to think that my Router is ok but my Mini Card wireless adapter in my notebook is not. The adaptor is a standard 802.11g mini wireless adaptor supplied with the laptop from pc WORLD. It is a Ralink Tech Corp product. Any help with this would be appreciated as I really want to use my laptop downstairs.

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  Ashrich 22:05 10 Aug 2007

What make and model is your PC ? In general Ralink cards work very well , but with yours it sounds like it might have either one or maybe both aerial leads not plugged into the card correctly . It should be possible to see if this is the case , but I'll need the make and model first to see if it is easily accessible .


  lil27 07:35 11 Aug 2007


My laptop is an Advent 7204 (pc world standard).

The Mini Card wireless adaptor details are as follows:-
Hardware Ids - USB\VID_0DB0&PID_6877&REV_0001 & USB\VID_0DB0&PID_6877
Physical Device Object Name - \Device\USBPDO-5

Not sure if you need anymore.


  lil27 08:17 11 Aug 2007


More info. I believe that my Hardware is RaLink RT73 Internal USB Wireless LAN.



  Ashrich 21:15 11 Aug 2007

Hello Chris , been at work today so a little late getting back to you , trying to find more about this laptop , can you give me the serial number and chassis number so I can have a look to see who made it ( Advent are only other laptops re-badged ) as I need to find a service manual ( unless you know how to get to the mini pci wireless card itself ! )


  Dipso 22:56 11 Aug 2007

Await further info from Ashley but there was a driver update for this card in March this year available from click here look under USB(RT257x/RT2671) which is the same as the RT73 (I have one too) The updated driver fixed an issue I was having though not the same as yours.

  Ashrich 00:19 12 Aug 2007

The problem Chris seems to be having really sounds like the aerial leads are either loose or not connected which is why the reception is so weak , mini pci wireless cards will work without the connections but just in the way that this one is , which is why I want to find out what chassis has been used for this laptop , then I can tell Chris how to check the card or replace it . The wireless card will either be under the keyboard or under a panel on the bottom , just need to find out where .....


  lil27 15:25 12 Aug 2007


The serial number is SZSL71ll371700693. Not sure on the chassis number but there is a number L71ll3 on the underside of the PC. I updated the driver prior to posting original query. I don't know where the wireless card is but as the laptop was only bought a few weeks ago taking it apart is really the last resort from a warranty point of view.

  Ashrich 20:52 12 Aug 2007

If it is that new then a trip back to PC World wouldn't go amiss , and don't let them " repair " it . if is inside their 28 days rule then in all honesty they should replace it unless they fix it on the spot .

  Dipso 00:27 13 Aug 2007

Duplicate post click here

  lil27 12:39 13 Aug 2007

Thanks for your help guys, I have narrowed it down to a fault with the network card. I am returning to PC world tommorrow as within the 28 days policy.

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