not working!?

  zakclarke 17:07 13 Aug 2005

just bought a new base unit, its a AMD athlon 2000 xp. i set it all up then turned it on and it died within a few seconds. I have checked the heatsink, graphics crad, memory etc but it still seems to die on me every time i turn it on. everything seems to be in order but obviously not as it doesn't work:S Can anybody please help me??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 13 Aug 2005

Faulty memory stick or faulty power on button.

If you have just bought it send it back don,t fiddle with it.

  DieSse 17:15 13 Aug 2005

"and it died within a few seconds"

Can you be more specific please?

Did the processor fan start turning - if not this should cause an "instant" switch-off.

Recheck the case wiring - if you get the power switch and reset switches wrong you get similarish symptoms.

  DieSse 17:17 13 Aug 2005

Ah - yes - what Fruitbat says is quite correct - if you bought it as a complete unit, you should take it back .

  zakclarke 17:22 13 Aug 2005

i turn it on, it runs for about 4-5 seconds then it just turns off. All the fans are working. i sent it back a while ago to be repaired but was sent it back with nothing done to it because they said it worked fine when they turned it on. the problem is still happening though. does it make a difference what cables and monitor i have? i'm new to all this.

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