Not technical enough for you lot!

  mooshty 15:29 13 Oct 2006

Thought I would ask again!

I am using a BT Voyager 1060 laptop adapter to connect to Wifi Hotspots.

Being a novice, is there any difference with other adapters e.g Range etc, if so can you suggest a better one.

Cheers to anyone who may help me!

  ed-0 17:12 13 Oct 2006

It should work as good as any other, though I've never used it.

When you have it plugged into the PCMCIA slot, what speed is it regestering in the task bar? Right click and pick status click here. What is the speed reading when attempt to access a WiFi spot.

Also,Which WiFi hotspots do you mean.

At home

Railway stations





How do you think you are getting poor performance?

  mooshty 18:37 13 Oct 2006

I am on a campsite in Spain.The speed Is 11 Mbps and the signal strength is low but if I take the laptop into our caravan I will lose the signal.

Would another make of adapter improve the signal?

  ed-0 18:39 13 Oct 2006

How far are you away from the WiFi node?

have you moved to different locations around the campsite to find a better signal?

11Mbps is low:-(

it's near to not existent.

  mooshty 18:44 13 Oct 2006

I have no idea where the node is.

The Spanish weather is not all its cracked up to be at the moment so walking around with laptop is not really an option.

I assume I must be on the edge!

  €dstowe 18:46 13 Oct 2006

If you caravan is metal you will get the "Faraday's cage" effect - an electrical phenomenon where elcectromagnetic radiation is unable to penetrate to the inside of a metal container. It's a lot more technical than that in real life but it is an explanation.

It's the same effect that prevents you being struck by lightning if you're sitting inside a car.

For more detailed info, check click here

  ed-0 18:52 13 Oct 2006

The only thing I can think of is to triangulate the signal. That would mean visiting certain points and record the signal. You may then be able to pinpoint the node, if it is that what they use. Depending on the strenght of the signal, I would guess that you should get a good signal at around 100 metres.

Is there a point, pole or structure, around 15 feet or more in height. It may have a series of smal boxes or box attached? This may be the point were the signal is transmitted from.

Not to sure on this, but have been connected to one simmilar to above.

  mooshty 18:54 13 Oct 2006

I will have to look around tomorrow!

Thanks for your help

  bluto1 21:18 13 Oct 2006

Nice one Edstowe (sorry mate) I had a moment of deja vous when I read your answer.

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