Not sure on setting up Wireless Network.

  Dearersteak 09:52 23 Feb 2003

Networking is nothing new to me, I study it as part of collage and have set up my own network at home.

How ever, i've never realy touched on wireless. Thing is, I've been asked by my sister to set her and her friends up with a network for there 6 computers for unieveristy. At first i was just going to do a Cat5 network. But now i've been told there spread over 3 floors and of course, its not there apartment, so i can't realy start drilling holes ect. So i thought about maybe wirless.

So. Apart from some form of wireless LAN adater for each machine, What else would i need? Do i need some form of Hub? And what exactly is a access point?

I'm not after parts or prices let, as thats a long way off. I would just like help with the theory behind it first.


  Forum Editor 10:35 23 Feb 2003

that they're not in halls, but in a private house/flat. You mustn't set up wireless networks in halls of residence without permission - for obvious reasons.

You'll need each machine to be equipped with a wireless network card, or an external USB wireless network adapter.

Then you need a wireless network access point - a base station in effect. This can be connected directly to one of the computers.That's it as far as hardware goes. In an ideal world all the machines will be running WinXP, which makes setting up the network a tad easier, but it will work quite happily with a mixture of Operating systems.

You'll need to think carefully about the siting of the computers - wireless networks are good, but over three floors you will definitely experience some dead spots.

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