Not strictly computers but related (phones)

  Ray5776 21:53 28 Sep 2006

Sorry about the title but was not sure how best to phrase it.

Question is does anyone know of an easy way of blocking all inbound telephone calls that are number witheld.
I know this is possible as I have received the message " This telephone line will not accept calls from witheld numbers" when I accidently phoned a solicitors office.
Anyone got any suggestions or comments on this please.


  Diodorus Siculus 21:57 28 Sep 2006

Its an option that BT offer click here

  amateurann 21:57 28 Sep 2006

I am assuming you are with BT. If you log in to your billing account you can block withheld numbers from there.

  mammak 22:01 28 Sep 2006

Yes you can do it, who provides your telephone service? mines is BT and I opt for a service that does this no one can phone my house phone and withhold their number.

  Ray5776 18:32 29 Sep 2006

As simple as that is it, I seemed to have overlooked the obvious route yet again, I am so used to getting instant help from this site it is usually my first port of call.
Thanks to you all.


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