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  rickf 21:00 03 Jul 2010

Wonder if anyone here can give me some pointers. My sound system consists of separates, ie stereo amp, Cd deck and Turnatable. Suddenly this morning the amp cuts off about 30seconds into play. It does this will all devices connected to it, ie CD deck, Turntable etc. Obviously something is up with the Amp. It's 10 years old. Any idea what's up?? Changed the fuse but still same problem.

  rdave13 21:03 03 Jul 2010

Time for it to be retired I think. 10 years of service is well beyond the lifetime of an amplifier. You've done well.

  rickf 21:13 03 Jul 2010

Thanks, wondering if it's something simple. No one repairs this things anymore.

  rdave13 21:16 03 Jul 2010

Sounds like a circuit is breaking down. Old age comes to mind.

  MAT ALAN 21:21 03 Jul 2010

I have a SONY TA313 its now in its 35 year and still bangin it out...

  octal 21:24 03 Jul 2010

Why should you get rid of it if it's working OK, it might just be something simple. For a start try disconnecting all the external bits and pieces, then connect them one at a time and see if one of them knocks the amp off.

You might find someone of my vintage that would be willing to have a look at it for you, I used to service down to component level and there are a lot of people still around with those skills.

  rdave13 21:30 03 Jul 2010

Will be very interesting if anyone, nowadays, will take an interest and actually take the time to check the amp out to see if repairable as a favour? Do you know of an electronics engineer friend who will check it out for you?

  rickf 21:43 03 Jul 2010

Prob just started today. I know these amp last a loooong time. Exploring possibilities at the moment. It a fantastic Amp producing really good sounds. Bought it from Richer Sounds years ago. Maybe they can help.Octal, I am certainly not thinking of getting rid of it.

  octal 21:54 03 Jul 2010

What is the make of the amp? As rdave13 says, if you can find an electronics friend they might have a look for you, there are people around that have a look at equipment like this as a sort of hobby, I do myself sometimes, if nothing more than to keep my hand in.

  MAT ALAN 21:59 03 Jul 2010

Could be anti-surge fuse inside AMP...

  woodchip 22:03 03 Jul 2010

If everything cuts out then you are looking at the front end, sounds like a power in problem. If it was PC you would say PSU well it could be but it will have transformer and Caps plus Restores to Smooth AC and may even have a rectifier in the first stage any problems hear will give the above effect

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