Not the sort of problem normally listed

  Housten 16:42 11 Feb 2015

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

I am aware that this is not he sort of problem normally associated with this web site; but being an old duffer I really do not know who to ask to get an answer. So if some kind person can either give an answer or tell me where we can get an honest answer I would be very careful.

For the last few years we have been getting what I ( politely ) will call nuisance calls - even though we are registered with the TPS. My wife and I are thoroughly fed up with them and she was looking at the Argos catalogue when she saw some 'phones which claim to be 'nuisance blocking 'phones'. This is very intriguing and if they work would be very relaxing. BUT, we have been trying to figure out how these would work and whilst old duffers like us can not see how they do it, it doesn't mean it can not be done!! So what we would very much like to know is this: Is this just a gimmick or do these 'phones actually work? Do they work on calls from abroad or calls that are 'with held'? We just do not see how they can possible know without us ( as the owners of a 'phone ) telling them what to do, but we have the feeling that the 'phones should work automatically. Does anyone have any ideas, because we would be very, very glad and grateful for any information or advice on these 'phones that anyone can give us.

So many, many thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

  bumpkin 17:05 11 Feb 2015

You would be better posting this in the "Speakers Corner" forum. There will be many solutions for your problem.

  Bris 18:16 11 Feb 2015

Click here



for some info

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:30 11 Feb 2015

But mother a BT Phone with call guardian

all calls are monitored and you need to leave name call guardian then calls the phone telling owner who is calling owner can then either accept or reject the call.

Most nuisance hang up with out leaving name so call does not go through, you can block any type of call you wish. you can program calls from known numbers to go straight through.

Since buying the phone mother has had no nuisance calls at all.

  Bris 18:51 11 Feb 2015


Presumably this is a function of the network (BT) rather than the phone in which case is there a charge?

  bumpkin 18:54 11 Feb 2015

This is what I use click here

  hastelloy 07:51 12 Feb 2015

This is what I use TrueCall. It's more expensive than bumpkin's link but is much more flexible as you program it yourself using the # or * keys on the phone - very easy to do. It can also tell you who is calling before you answer the phone and it has built in voice mail.

You do need caller display on your phone to use it though.

  Housten 15:39 12 Feb 2015


Good Afternoon,

Thank you all for the information and advice you have given me. My wife and I are very grateful as it is just the sort of information that we were looking for. Now it has been explained to us we can see that this is a very useful idea that seems to be being usefully used in practice. We will be discussing whether we get new 'phones that incorporate this or get a unit and your 'phones can be changed with no problem. Excellent!!! Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed, especially so quickly and helpfully.

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