Not Responding!!

  spuds 22:56 08 Nov 2009

Recently reformatted the computer, so have very little junk on it at present, but I keep having problems with 'Not Responding' messages and general freezing of computer. Tried using Large PC Tune-Up as a cleaning program, but still having problems. Been back to Large support, and they are suggesting that it is a ISP problem.

Do you agree, or have you any suggestions so as to correct the problem.

Using Microsoft XP, Avast, Sunbelt, System Protect and IOBit 360.

  spuds 22:58 08 Nov 2009

Perhaps I should have also mentioned, that using IE or Firefox makes no difference to the outcome.

  woodchip 23:13 08 Nov 2009

No not ISP. Most Likely is you not loaded the correct drivers for Hardware

  sunnystaines 08:59 09 Nov 2009

have you run memtest to check the ram, did you install the chipset drivers after format.

is it just internet or the pc?

  spuds 14:10 15 Nov 2009

Apologies for not returning sooner, been experimenting, but problem still remains.

Downloaded DriverMax and UpdateStar, and ran some checks, but all reports come back as fine. Removed other programs that I thought might be the problem, but no success results from that trial.

Back to square one by the looks of things, as I am still getting the 'not responding' and general freezing, usually at the most inconvenient times.

I have been in touch with Tiscali (my ISP), or should I say 'tried' to get in touch with the hope of a solution, due to occasional noticable lower speeds and 'waiting for' messages.(Recently had serious problems with sending and receiving emails, plus Tiscali or the system deleting stored emails from the inbox. (No overload quotas!)

Another thing that I have also noticed, is the difficulty of getting into or using some secure sites, usually at the Pay Now stage, with the 'loading' of Firefox. IE8 sometimes as this problem. But I hardly use IE due to slowness compared to Firefox!.

Any further suggestions are most welcome and appreciated.

  woodchip 14:16 15 Nov 2009

Could be a Hardware Problem, Even PSU can do this

  woodchip 14:17 15 Nov 2009

Also do a disc check of the hard drive for faults

  Terry Brown 14:31 15 Nov 2009

Have you tried (Internet Exploror), Tools, Diagnose Connection Problems, and run that.

You could also try (From RUN)
Put your XP CD in the drive first.
sfc /scannow (Remember to put space between sfc and /).

This will check your windows installation and correct any files in error.

Do you have Phishing activated, as that can cause problems (out of time for server).

It couls also be that you are using so many Protection programs, that they are blocking each other, causing your freezing.

  spuds 11:12 17 Nov 2009

Apoligies again for not responding sooner.

I am now having a very strong suspicion that the firewall Kerio Sunbelt on the computer might be part of the problem.

In the past I have used Zone Alarm and Comodo firewalls, so I might try them (individually) or Outpost which seems well recommended, and see if that helps.

I will also check out the suggestions above.

Should perhaps also repeat that I am having slow speeds at any point of the day, and Tiscali as asked me to check speeds over a three day period, and report back to them.

  spuds 22:44 17 Nov 2009

I have removed Sunbelt and returned back to Zone Alarm. Things appear to have improved quite a bit, so I will keep monitoring the situation (fingers crossed).

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