Not recognising CD Key for XP install

  ormerod 12:34 10 Feb 2004

Have just purchased XP Pro to update an old milleniam edition machine but when I put the XP disc in the CD drive it loads and starts taking me through the sequence but says the CD key I am entering is invalid. This cannot be as it was still sealed in the wrapper and I am entering the key correctly. Is this because I am trying to load it straight from the CD rom or do I need some sort of boot discs to give it a start. Please help.

  Djohn 13:10 10 Feb 2004

Your correct in the way that you are loading XP from the CD. Are you sure your entering the key code exactly as shown on the label? Use capital letters and the letter O and not a zero, [0] j.

  georgemac 13:10 10 Feb 2004

if you are trying to run the setup file from the cd rom it should be OK and the key should work, sounds like all is OK, I'm sure you have checked but it is quite easy to put in one character wrong and it will not accept the key.

It is advisable to do a clean install on to a formatted drive rather than an upgrade to ME, but this of course means you will have to backup any data on your drive you need to keep.

Where did you buy the XP Pro from, and is it a full version or an upgrade version?

I'm not 100% sure but for upgrade versions it needs to see the previous version of windows, either on the drive or by putting in your ME cd.

  DieSse 13:42 10 Feb 2004

It pays to get a magnifying glass to look at the codes, as B and 8 - O and Q - O and 0 are easily confused. I've confused them often.

  ormerod 12:03 11 Feb 2004

No the code is correct. I used the windows boot up disc set off the microsoft site to do a complete install and it took the key and worked fine. Just as a point of interest I then went to my sisters and tried to install it on hers but as mine it would not recognise the key until I had used the boot up floppy's again. Why is this does anyone know as I'm sure this should work without any boot up discs?

should have gone to specsavers

  ormerod 12:38 11 Feb 2004

Nice one. But does anyone know the reason?

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