Not receiving e-mail Delivery Receipts

  Onizuka 11:17 23 Sep 2006

Although I always have the tracking turned on in Outlook for Delivery Receipts it has been some considerable time since I received any. Yesterday a friend, on a different ISP, re-sent me several e-mails as he, too, was not getting Delivery Receipts and he assumed that his e-mails had not reached me. Are the ISPs stopping Delivery Receipts, perhaps to reduce the traffic, or is there some other reason that we’re no longer getting them?

  Jackcoms 11:34 23 Sep 2006

I don't use Outlook for e-mail, I use OE.

I assume that 'Read Receipts' are the same in both programs.

If you request a Read Receipt in OE, it is up to the recipient of your e-mails to click on 'Yes' when he gets your e-mail.

Only then will you actually receive anything back to verify receipt.

If the recipient clicks 'No' you won't receive a Read Receipt.

  terryf 12:04 23 Sep 2006

try sending to yourself and respond to any requests

  Fingees 12:08 23 Sep 2006

If the recipient has elected not to send receipts at any time, they will not be sent, nor will they be asked for one.

  Jackcoms 12:12 23 Sep 2006

If it's vitally important for you to receive Read Receipts for all your e-mail, try click here

It will let you know when a recipient has opened your e-mail without any action by the recipient.

Note, however, that the free version does not work when an e-mail is sent to multiple addressees. You have to use the paid for version if you want that degree of 'sophistication'.

  Onizuka 12:45 23 Sep 2006

Jackcoms, terryf and Fingees

Thank you for your speedy replies. I have never used OE so I don’t know if the tracking is the same as in Outlook which gives the option of having either Delivery Receipts or Read Receipts or both. If the two programs are the same I’m not sure why your replies dealt with Read Receipts.
I appreciate that receiving Read Receipts depends on the recipient clicking “Yes”. It’s useful, although in my experience hardly anyone does click. My question concerned Delivery Receipts which did not depend on the recipient.

Jackcoms – Thank you for the link, it looks interesting and I will give it a try.

  VoG II 12:49 23 Sep 2006

Which version of Outlook?

  Onizuka 14:36 23 Sep 2006

It's Outlook 2002

  VoG II 15:29 23 Sep 2006

click here might explain it.

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