Not really pop ups. They look like error boxes

  Nick1 21:44 14 Feb 2003

In the last week or so advertisments of questionable taste have started appearing on my screen. They look like something that Windows is producing and are printed in the ususal system font. The background is grey.

Has anyone any idea where they come from and what I can do to prevent their appearing.


  MAJ 21:50 14 Feb 2003

They are probably "Messenger Service" popups created by having the Messenger service running on your PC. Disable the service and all should be okay. Post your OS if you need more instructions.

  Nick1 21:57 14 Feb 2003

Is it MSN Messenger that is the problem? I am running W2K. I never use MSN Messenger and never log on but it has been starting up automatically. I have just been through the options and hope that it won't automatically start next time.

Any comments?


  MAJ 22:02 14 Feb 2003

No, Nick1, it's not MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger that's causing the problem, it's the Messenger Service. To disable it in Win 2000:

Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools >Services
Scroll down and highlight "Messenger"
Right-click the highlighted line and choose Properties.
Click the STOP button.
Select Disable in the Startup Type scroll bar
Click OK

  Nick1 22:09 14 Feb 2003

Fantastic. Thanks MAJ. I have been receiving automatic updates for Windows ever since I installed SP3. Will the updates stop now?


  MAJ 22:14 14 Feb 2003

I don't use W2K, Nick1, so can't answer your last question with any degree of confidence. I'll leave that one for a W2K user.

  Legolas 23:55 14 Feb 2003

I have been receiving similar messages does your fix work for XP as well as 2000

  MAJ 00:02 15 Feb 2003

It does, Legolas.

  golfpro 08:43 15 Feb 2003

A good idea also would be to download and install Ad-Aware 6.00.

  -pops- 09:24 15 Feb 2003

AdAware doesn't stop these things but it is still a good idea to install it anyway for other nasties that appear.


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